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Biffy Clyro - Only Revelutions
Biffy Clyro has the tough task of following what will probably be their best record (Call it their Sgt Pepper, call it the Ten syndrome). This is tough stuff, because many bands have failed here and the temptation to overdo it is very much present. The danger of going Kings Of Leon or any other band that sold out for commercial success is awaiting around the corner like a little devil.

Opener 'The Captain' makes this fear pretty much reality the first couple of times you hear it. The brass band and violins in the back will scare a lot of fans away at first and the pirate-like groove in the song isn't helping either (the classical instruments are repeatedly used throughout the album by the way). But ladies and gentlemen...just give it some time and it will grow on you. Especially the contrast between the vocals and the sort of 'grande' music in the background is fantastic. 'That Golden Rule' is just plain rocking and shouting and very much the Biffy we all know and love. On 'Bubbles' Joshua Homme has a guest appearance, which is not very noticeable but it's always nice to have his name on your CD sleeve, and thus his approval. Maybe Josh did have something to do with the brass and the background noises on the album because QOTSA records are full of that.

'God and Satan' is just too cute and sweet to make a stab at on a Metal website. Another song that should be mentioned is 'Boooom, Blast & Ruin', this songs (much like 'Bubbles') is just fantastically mixed and produced and takes turns that you expect, which makes you wonder. Are you pissed because it's predictable, or do you just shut the fuck up and enjoy? 'Cloud Of Stink' on the other hand, takes a few turns that will surprise you.

This album is just really good as far as production goes and that lifts it to a whole new level. The music itself is solid as a rock. It will not change the world or your life in any way, but this record is just another good rock 'n' roll record that gives Biffy Clyro a damn good reason to stick around.
Biffy Clyro - Only Revelutions
84/1001Details Warner Music
Released on Monday Feb 1st, 2010

Writer @LondonCustoms on Monday Feb 1st, 2010

Tags: #Biffy Clyro
Tracklisting 01. The Captain
02. That Golden Rule
03. Bubbles
04. God & Satan
05. Born On A Horse
06. Mountains
07. Shock Shock
08. Many Of Horror
09. Booooom, Blast & Ruin
10. Cloud Of Stink
11. Know Your Quarry
12. Whorses
Line up Simon Neil, Ben Johnston and James Johnston