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Pat McManus Band - 2PM
Bands named after their lead guitarists are either good or they are really bad. There's not a whole lot of middle ground there. Most of the time the lead guitarist is an amazing guitarist (as Pat McManus is without any question), or they think they are the best thing since bread came sliced. But after a listen or two they're not all that (are you reading this Steve Cone?). Most of the time, they also do the vocals, which can mess up a record. Now let's see where we can position Pat McManus.

One: This is one of the best guitar players in the world. Not only technical, but also what he does fits into the music, instead of just showing off (are you reading Yngwie Malmsteen and guys like that?

Two: He's a good songwriter. Songs are composed really well and take you by the hand.

Three: He's not that good a singer. The whiskey and the years are there, but the voice itself isn't all that I'm afraid.

Apart from the one two three abc above, this album is just a good bluesrock album. However; the problem sometimes with dinosaurs like Pat, is that they still have some 80's radiation around them, and we all know they were fucked up (except for Slayer and 'Tallica, but mainly it was fucked up). So a couple of songs into the album it starts to get a little boring. Is it bad then?? Definetely not, but I'm giving this one to my old man.

Ps. Dear Pat, you can't just call something ...(slight return) and get away with it. You're probably a better guitarist than Jimi, but not half the legend. So don't do it man.
Pat McManus Band - 2PM
60/1001Details Bad Reputation
Released on Monday Feb 1st, 2010

Writer @LondonCustoms on Monday Feb 1st, 2010

Tags: #Pat McManus Band
Tracklisting 01. Chasing Away The Blues
02. Trouble
03. Best Friends (End Of The Line)
04. Rough Diamond
05. Law Of The Jungle
06. Big Hair (Slight Return)
07. Voodoo Boogie
08. Addicted To The Rush
09. Dogging Me Around
10. So Bored
11. Whole Damn World (Getting On Our Backs)
12. Satisfaction Guaranteed
13. Born To Be Bad
14. Lucky Man
15. Blowin' In The Wind
Line up Pat McManus and some of his homies