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Dead By Sunrise - Out Of Ashes
Chester Bennington is ofcourse widely known for being the vocalist of Linkin Park. Still the basis for this band was already laid down in 2005 when Chester was writing material for Linkin Park. Back then he had written some songs that didn’t fit within the style of Linkin Park. From that day Dead By Sunrise slowly took shape and in 2008 their debut album was recorded and released in 2009.
Most of the time I’m not quite happy with successful musicians that create a solo album. Certainly since most of those albums are not really interesting and most of the time an egocentric boost for the musician itself by stating look at me I’m so great. To be honest I felt the same in the beginning when I first listened to Dead By Sunrise but after a while I had to admit that although the album isn’t really suitable for a metal site, I started to like it.
Several songs are really strong and have the ability of getting into your head and stay there for the entire day. You have to admit that does count for something. Especially ‘Too Late’, ‘Crawl Back In’ and ´Give Me Your Name´ are good examples of this. But there’s more to the album than just these three songs. The entire album is well balanced which means that the rougher songs are placed strategically across the album to stir it up every once in a while.
In the end Dead By Sunrise created an album that is full of variety. The band takes you along subtle peaceful songs that easily fit on a lazy Sunday afternoon and giving you a kick in the ass with some other straight forward rocksongs with a great riff every now and then.
Dead By Sunrise - Out Of Ashes
74/1001Details Warner Music
Released on Wednesday Sep 30th, 2009
Rock / Alternative

Writer @Niamen on Sunday Feb 7th, 2010

Tags: #Dead By Sunrise
Tracklisting 01. Fire
02. Crawl Back In
03. Too Late
04. Inside of Me
05. Let Down
06. Give Me Your Name
07. My Suffering
08. Condemned
09. Into You
10. End of the World
11. Walking in Circles
12. In the Darkness
Line up Chester Bennington - vocals
Ryan Shuck - guitar / background vocals
Amir Derakh - guitar / synthesizer
Brandon Belsky - bass
Elias Andra - drums
Anthony "Fu" Valcic - keyboards