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The Fallen Within - Intoxicated
The Fallen Within, I can't say I've heard a lot Greek metal but this band has been doing its thing since 2003 and even recorded an EP that same year. They try to mix different styles of metal and created something they would like to label as unique. Trouble rose in the band and they were forced to have a few line up changes, but eventually got the best bunch together so that they were able to record their debut album early 2009. A couple of months later they were contacted by a couple of different labels and chose to sign a record deal with the Italian Marjo Verdooren to get worldwide band management and promotion. But what is Greek melodic death metal?
To start off I want to make a statement that there is a distinguished difference between “melo death-” and “melodic death” metal. When I selected to review this band from Athene, I sincerely thought it would be this heavy melodic death metal; heavy riffs, growling and screaming. But it is none of this. Basically, after about a song or two you’ll find yourself listening to a heavier version of the band HIM (or HER).
It isn't Intoxicated with a bunch of stand alone riffs, there are only a few real riffs on the entire album. Most of its sound is created by the keyboard. The guitars just seem to lack any real depth. Somewhere halfway the album, the song ‘Extinction’ really kicks off with (finally) a heavy riff supported by heavy drums which really get the music going. However, this flow is wasted after about 22 seconds when they stop the riff and kick in the keyboard (I actually shouted: “NO!!”).
Woven into their music, there are some peaks that aim towards a more modern deathcore style. Not with any breakdowns per se, more the riff balance with the drums. All the songs are packed with either clean or distorted vocals, it's not really growling, nor is it screaming. It's more like the vocalist is shouting from a distance through some sort of device. It's nothing new, basically everything they do has been done better.
I really feel everything I’ve written about the album sounds a bit negative but don't get me wrong, they don't sound bad. The recordings are clear, tight and well taken care of. But this entire band is clearly aiming to go somewhat mainstream, and I don't like their “we are melodic metal” approach. I would place it in the “love metal" genre. Nonetheless; if you're a fan of this genre (read: HIM, In Flames), I would give it a listen. Just don't expect a world shocking experience.

Review by: Polly
The Fallen Within - Intoxicated
60/1001Details Coroner Records
Released on Monday Dec 14th, 2009
Melodic Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Feb 9th, 2010

Tags: #The Fallen Within
Tracklisting 01. My Vanity 00:46
02. Sound Of Destruction 05:01
03. Pain Right Under 04:18
04. I Am Hate 03:22
05. Extinction 04:53
06. Endless Reality 04:38
07. Intoxicated 04:31
08. Last Breath 03:35
09. The Great Fall 06:37
10. Timeworn 01:29
Line up Kostas Vattis - Vocals
George Satlanis - Guitar, Clear Vocals, Narration
Myrto Toumpa - Keys
Christos Pantos - Guitars
Fotis Delinikolas - Drums
Nikos Psychogios - Bass