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Ad Inferna - Trance :: N :: Dance
Back in 2002 Ad Inferna released a symphonic black metal album with the title L’empire Des Sens. After seven years they released their second album, but this French band didn’t stick to their sound at all. Trance :: N :: Dance is an album that combines black and gothic metal with industrial and electronic music. This new record contains eight songs of their own and four remixes by Beborn Beton, Combichrist, Soman and Reaper.
Immediately when I started to listen to Trance :: N :: Dance I saw the Blade 1 opening scene flash before my eyes. Not because the music sounds alike, but just because of the whole vibe. This is not the kind of music you should listen to while studying for your final exam in Chemistry. This belongs at a rave party in a Blade movie with lots of sweaty souls, longing for blood. It also isn’t that great to hear it over and over again. Musically speaking, this isn’t bad at all, except for the way too easy / catchy melodies, but mainly the vocals become annoying rather quickly. Furthermore they did their best not to fit any box. This is probably too metal for electronic music fans and too electronic for metal fans.
As for the remixes: nice bonus, but not really spectacular. Only the Reaper RMX of ‘Redemption’ is worth listening to.
Ad Inferna - Trance :: N :: Dance
50/1001Details Aural Music
Released on Tuesday Sep 29th, 2009
Industrial / EBM

Writer @Gilles on Wednesday Feb 10th, 2010

Tags: #Ad Inferna
Tracklisting 01. Fade To Grey
02. Metamorphose
03. Redemption
04. SM For SM
05. Suicide Girl
06. Transcender L’extase
07. Vertige
08. You As My Own Drug
09. Vertige – Beborn Beton RMX
10. Vertige – Combichrist RMX
11. Transcender L’extase – Soman RMX
12. Redemption – Reaper RMX
Line up V. Orias A. – Guitars, keyboards and electronics
V.V. Arkames – Lead vocals
V.N.A. – Drums & percussion
Asphodel – Lead & backing vocals
Mr. Hyde – Bass