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1349 - Revelations Of The Black Flame
Norwegian black metal, the self-proclaimed truest of them all. 1349 have been active in this scene since its formation in 1997 and have released three full length albums. Number four was released last year, let’s see where this takes us.
1349 used to be a quite straightforward black metal band that had quite a following. But with Revelations Of The Black Flame, the band decided to go in a different direction and experimented a lot with song structures and sounds. Usually I love it when a band tries something new, especially when it’s something unconventional. But in this case, it has worked out differently. The band tries so many things it’s hard to call it a whole in the end. The pass is taken out of the music with ambient parts and slow passages so many times in such unexpected and illogical ways, you tend to lose concentration. They do this over and over again, making this record a real drag to listen to. Not even a misplaced Pink Floyd cover with Tom Fischer on bass and guitar is gonna change that.
I was thinking to keep my growing interest in black metal up with this release, but it seemed I picked the wrong album. Most of the fans of this band really don’t like this new record either, and it seems that I have to join their side here. Nothing interesting on this record, do yourself a favour and stick with their old work Let’s hope they’ll learn from this mistake and go back to decent black metal with their next effort.
1349 - Revelations Of The Black Flame
40/1001Details Candlelight Records
Released on Monday May 25th, 2009
Black Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Thursday Feb 11th, 2010

Tags: #1349
Tracklisting 01. Invocation 06:13
02. Serpentine Sibilance 04:35
03. Horns 03:04
04. Maggot Fetus...Teeth Like Thorns 03:46
05. Misanthropy 03:33
06. Uncreation 06:59
07. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (Pink Floyd cover) 06:13
08. Solitude 03:38
09. At the Gate... 06:52
Line up Ravn - Vocals
Archaon (Idar Burheim) - Guitars
Seidemann (Tor Risdal Stavenes) - Bass
Frost (Kjetil Vidar Haraldstad) - Drums