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Defiance - The Prophecy
Defiance is a thrash metal band that was already founded in 1985. In those years I wasn´t that heavy metal conscious (hell I was only five years old back then and was just discovering the old record collection of my parents) and missed their albums completely. This is their first full length since 17 years. Steve Esquivel is still singing on this album, but left the band after this release. The same goes for drummer Mark Hernandez.
Defiance plays thrash with a bit of a technical twist. Don´t mistake them with mathcore bands though! You can rather compare their music with Mekong Delta, though less complex and better. For the rest it´s still straight forward Bay Area style thrash metal. You can find a lot of Testament influences for example.
Though you cannot give Defiance the stamp of a Testament clone, this would serve them no right. Especially their drummer gives the album just the edge they need to differ from the competition. He´s quite a technical drummer with some interesting drum fills. This is especially clear in the first three songs.
The songs are nice songs on their own, but a bit more variation couldn´t harm them. After the first half of the album I get a bit of a feeling that I have heard it already. Gladly it´s not that apparent that you´ll get bored and put on another disc, but this is a point for improvement. The main reason is the monotonous vocals. Steve just didn´t struck a chord for me
But besides this point, I can only say that I enjoyed this album. If you´re a real thrash metal head and can get your leather studded paws on this disc, I would recommend buying this one if you will get it for a good deal. These guys are some solid musicians with an excellent drummer, but with a mediocre vocalist. If they´re in the neighbourhood for a gig, I´ll definitely will check them out!
Defiance - The Prophecy
74/1001Details Candlelight Records
Released on Monday Oct 19th, 2009
Thrash Metal

Writer @Neurotic on Monday Feb 15th, 2010

Tags: #Defiance
Tracklisting 01. Prion
02. The Prophecy
03. Bastard Son
04. The War Inside
05. Fuel The Fire
06. Eschaton
07. Sloth
08. Desert Sands
09. Dissolving Around You
10. Asthmaphere
11. Eyes Of The Front
Line up Steve Esquivel – Vocals
Jim Adams – Guitars
Mike Kaufmann – Bass
Mark Hernandez - Drums