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Disclose - Raw Brutal Assault Vol.1 - Discography 1992-1994
Disclose: Raw Brutal Assault Vol.1 - Discography 1992-1994 contains (as you might have guessed it), the complete discography of Disclose from 1992 to 1994. Its a 2-cd set, and has 75 tracks in total. The band hails from Japan, and I guess their early style is a mix between punk, crust and hardcore, altough the label’s site speaks of "D-BEAT RAW CRUSTCORE". Think screamed vocals, simple but heavy distorted guitars and fast, short songs. I’ll sum up the contents, since this disc is clearly aimed at people who do not have the original versions of the demotapes, EPs and bootlegs (and yes, I am to lazy to write out 75 tracks):

Disc 1:
Crime Demo 1 (’92) [7 tracks]
V/A Crust And Anguished Life comp.CD(’92) [1 track]
Conquest Demo 2 (’93)/Split demo w/Insane Youth [7 tracks]
Fear of The War Demo 3 (’93) [8 tracks]
Unreleased demo 4 (’94) [8 tracks]
Live ’92 [13 tracks]

Disc 2:
Once The War Started 7"EP (’93) [7 tracks]
Kochi City H.C. Split 7"EP w/Insane Youth (’93) [3 tracks]
Comp Tape Tracks (’93) [7 tracks]
Live at C.S. 30/10/93 (’93) [14 tracks]

The sound quality from the demos ranges from "just decent" to "pretty decent". Unfortunatly most of the live tracks sound pretty messy, sometimes bordering on undecipherable. The booklet has some lyrics in it, but most of them where in such a small print that I couldn’t read them. Fortunatly, the songtitles give you a good impression. Here are a few: "Anti-War", "Warcloud", "Destroy", "War Games", "Attack the Enemy", "Explosion", "Fear of the War", "Children not knowing peace", "War of Agression", "Brutalities of War", "Once the War Started", "The Bombardment" on. Something tells me these guy’s are a bit war-centric regarding their message...Most of the songs contain only a few lines of text like "Why did the government war make". Yes, thats how they spelled it. But I hope its a misprint. Funny people. The booklet does contain pictures of the original record front- and backsleeves, which is pretty neat.

Its always hard to rate a compilation. Personally I think the quality of the recordings could have been cleaned up a bit. I know that this might not sound very "hardcore", but for someone unfamiliar with the band, it might be a bit easier to listen through. Something like a small biography would have really finished the package as well. Again, if you know the band and are interested in their old material, I bet this 2-cd set has it all. The band’s sound might not be for everyone though...I would say, for fans and collectors only!

Disclose - Raw Brutal Assault Vol.1 - Discography 1992-1994
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Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Carn on Tuesday Oct 26th, 2004

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