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Slitheryn - Fight For Your Life (demo)
And here it is! Slitheryn. Probably the youngest metalband on earth with such a good reputation. This band is already a phenomenon in the US and toured overseas twice already. You might be wondering, what is a ‘young band’? Well let me tell you this: the vocals are done by a 14/15 year old kid. The rest of the band is around the age of 18 years old.
But then you’re probably wondering what does he mean with ‘phenomenon’? That’s quite a simple explanation; these young guys shared the stage with bands like Slayer, Anthrax, Killswitch Engage, Superjoint Ritual, Hatebreed and more ‘big’ bands. A dream of every metalfan has become true for these guys. And to make the story of this band complete; their first demo was recorded together with Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor himself.
While I always thought this band was only a small Slipknot-coverband the music on this disc wasn’t exactly what I expected. It’s actually like I hear a second Hatebreed on this demo. And with that I draw the conclusion that this music isn’t really something new. It’s just like I’ve heard it all before, which is a pity. I’ve got to give my compliments for the excellent sound though. The best thing from this album are probable the vocals, if you imagine that a fifteen year old kid is screaming his lungs out here. Damn! What a voice! He’s almost(!!) like the second Jamey Jasta. The guitars and drums are just hardcore, nothing special, but certainly not bad.
I think, realizing this is only a demo, the album is going to be a great hardcore album! Though, I think the album will become something for true hardcore fans. The music just hasn’t got anything new in it, as I said before, which will make this album not very attractive for the non-hardcore listeners. You either like it or not, but for those of you who like Hatebreed, check this shit out! You won’t regret it.
Frankie – Vocals
Ant –� Guitar
T Bone – Guitar
Andrew – ?
Mike – ?
1. Gonna die
2. Got
3. Landslide
4. Pretender
5. Launch pad
6. Dos murder
Demo mixes from ‘Fight For Your Life’ record, to be released winter ’04.
Slitheryn - Fight For Your Life (demo)
70/1001Details independent
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Boek on Monday Nov 22nd, 2004

Tags: #Slitheryn
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