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Coffee Shower / Dependent - Split by Side
I got this record on some Tuesday and popped it in my CD-player later that evening.
After I listened to this CD I put it away for a month. For some reason it somehow blurred my vision. I liked it too much! So I felt that by not listening to it for a while I would be able to give a clearer opinion on things.
First up were the 6 Coffee Shower songs of this 12 song split with Dependent.
Coffee Shower is an Italian punkrock band whom I , sadly enough, did not know before I got this split on my hands. �
I very much liked Coffeeshowers punkrock sound reminding me of Craig’s Brother and a little Misconduct. This is one of those bands that makes you get used to the unique vocals they bring along. Something that scares you at first but once you’re used to the voice, it’s really a very soothing sound!
The songs are very diverse walking every corner of the punkrock style with hardcore and emocore influences. Ok, so the lyrics don’t always hit ground. Well, when do they these days!
Song 7-13 are from Dependent. A Dutch hardcore/emo band. Ok, so the Coffee Shower songs, they rocked. But this! This blew my head off. I immediately fell in love with the fast melodic and at times groovy sound! From the 6 songs, all recorded at the same studio, the last 2 songs are recorded a year after the other 4 and I think that within this year this band made a lot of progression in their style.
More emocore, less punk. It suits them.
1. Side by Side
2. Freedom Fighter
3. History Train
4. a Can of Gasoline
5. Your Mommy said
6. Good Father
7. Searching
8. Running out of Time
9. Passing by
10. Carrying a Reminder
11. Closed Doors
12. No More
Putting this record away for a month was a good thing to do. I was hyped the first time I listened to it. And I still am! To say that this record is timeless? That’s maybe a little too much. But I’d advise everyone to check both these band out.
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Coffee Shower / Dependent - Split by Side
80/1001Details NH-N Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Spoerie on Sunday Dec 5th, 2004

Tags: #Coffee Shower / Dependent
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