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Toxic Virgin - Sulphur
Toxic Virgin stands for pure rock music, boundless energy, catchy refrains and acclaimed live gigs. In short: hard'n heavy music, which is a lot of fun and covers the whole range of heavy rock.
With the accrual line-up Toxic Virgin have been together since 1995 and published three CD's.
Toxic Virgin embodies a lifestyle and not a short-lived fashion. In other words:
Rock'n roll is coming home!
This is a short piece from their very short biography.
It didn't tell me a lot of their style of music but I would soon find out.
I popped the disc in my stereo and just sat back en enjoyed the ride!
I first had to get used to the voice of the singer but after listening to it a few times it was pretty cool to listen to. These guys have their own sound, which I don't say very often. The bio says that they play Rock 'n Roll but if you ask me they could better say all-round because their album is pretty all-round.
For example track one; Evil Days is pretty metal with metal riffs in it and the sound of the singer is a bit metal like the early days, Iron Maiden and so.
But on the other hand you have tracks like the third track: Mad as Hell is a Rock 'n Roll song and sounds really different than the first song�though it�sounds great too.
The fifth track is a whole different style, more like the Luca Turilli stuff but it's great to hear so much variety in one album.
The last track I want to discuss is the last one; Girls Don't Drink. This song is more for fun if you ask me. It's a very merry song which in the beginning sounds if you are in a bar, and then it pops out like a real sing-a-long song, which would be great for live shows in a bar.
The sound of the instruments sound pretty good, almost like a professionally produced album and the CD-case itself looks pretty professional too,�the disc isn't copied and over all it looks pretty good!
Now about the artwork, I really don't know what it has to be but I can't make anything out of it, it looks cool though.
Over all it's a funny album with only a few negative points; sometimes the instruments bother each other so you can't clearly hear the others.
The drums could be improved in my opinion, but it's a cool album to listen and it's not too difficult.
Great work guys!!
  1. Evil Days
  2. Born To Run
  3. Mad As Hell
  4. Paradise
  5. The Clown
  6. It smells Of Leather
  7. Rock Bottom
  8. Whiskey A Go Go
  9. We'll Make It Through
  10. Fallen Angels
  11. Traveller In Time
  12. Girls Don't Drink
Markus Litsch - Vocals
Dirk Reiners - Guitar
Carlo Bertin�- Guitar
Klaus Peltzer - Bass
Frank Ecke - Drums
Toxic Virgin - Sulphur
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Rock \'n Roll

Writer @Dinges on Tuesday Dec 21st, 2004

Tags: #Toxic Virgin
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