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Nocturnal - Arrival Of The Carnivore
Nocturnal is a German band which was found in 1997. Back then it was a one-man band but through the years more people joined the band and that brings them where they are now. From the beginning it was their aim to play riff-based old school trash in the vein of Destruction, Assassin, Sodom and Kreator.
The album starts out with a very slow, but mainly boring intro. Fortunately some guitar work is thrown into the song and it seems a pretty good start to me. Not that weird if I look at the promising functions of the bandmembers, ‘Vokills’, ‘Thunder’ and ‘Artillery’ well that must be good! And I was right! Well, at least about the ‘Thunder’ and the ‘Artillery’ part.
Fast guitar riffs and simple but nice drums are combined with a sort of gargling through the microphone. After listening this album a few times more I actually started to appreciate the vocals a bit more and I think I just have to accept that this is a part of trash metal. Although I hate to hear this kind of vocals I must admit that they fit the music, and over all that’s the most important, now isn’t it?
Besides the moderate vocals I think the disc contains a pretty poor sound. Normally I pump up the sound to the maximum but when you do that with this CD the vocals get overruled by the instruments completely! (Suggestion: don’t play this album too loud!)
Conclusion: the music and the vocals fit each other pretty well. It’s a pity that the sound is a bit poor but even that can be fixed. The biggest disadvantage of ‘Arrival Of The Carnivore’ is most certainly the originality of the songs. The lack of originality is what made me decide to give this album only 60 points. I sincerely hope that Nocturnal will bring a lot more variation in their songs in the future. �
Mayhem – Vokills
Vomitor – Thunder
Hellbastard – Artillery
Avenger - Guitar
1. Coven of Darkness
2. Temples of Sin
3. Satanic Oath
4. Preventive War
5. Burn This Town
6. War of Spirits
7. Merciless Murder
8. Nuclear Strike
9. Victorious Night
10. Awakening the Curse of Souls
Nocturnal - Arrival Of The Carnivore
60/1001Details Displeased Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Unholy Trash metal

Writer @Boek on Tuesday Dec 21st, 2004

Tags: #Nocturnal
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