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The Chasm - The Spell Of Retribution
I have never heard of The Chasm before simply because it slipped my attention. This previous sentence can express my general feeling about this album. So far I’ve almost always managed to filter out albums that are average, and average is what The Chasm’s record The Spell Of Retribution is. The Chasm have their roots in Mexico, but are stationed in Chicago. They have been going along for�more than�10 years now and that is heard on the album.
The opening song reminded me of Unleashed, but it was far more melodic. I do not say I hate melodic death metal, but I certainly do not favour it either. The Chasm, however, do not give me that tingling feel in my stomach when I listen to acts like Disgorge or Liturgy. I would rather say that the music is quite ambient comparing with Cannibal Corpse or Suffocation and a death metal band which sounds ambient is deadly for the music. The second song “The Omnipotent Codex” is somewhat faster and a lot nicer to listen to but too bad it only remains to this song. Most songs are in mid-tempo and my dick seriously doesn’t turn hard when listening to this all the time. The guitar work is not very special, but it certainly isn’t dull either. After listening to the whole album, I have to admit it really�excelled the average level. I would not say this is a standard death metal band, because I heard several influences from other styles. The most prominent is thrash, closely followed by melodic metal. The last thing about this album is about the vocals, which (too bad) do not add something extra to the music.
After listening this album quite thoroughly, I’ve decided that my taste is not for this kind of music. I shall remain objective by saying this album is interesting for people who favour melodic death metal and thrash. I do not know many bands that sound the same as The Chasm, which is definitely a positive point about this album. Not a bad album, but it certainly doesn’t have sparks coming from the disc. The last thing I really have to mention is that they do not have a bass player and still they manage to get a really decent sound! �
Track List:
1: From The Curse, A Scourge
2: The Omnipotent Codex
3: Conqueror & Warlord
4: Manifest My Intervention
5: Fortress
6: Retribution Of The Lost Years (I, The Pathfinder III)
7: Conjuring The New Apocalypse
8: The Eclipse: Monument To The Empire
I: Sentence And Burden
II: The Voyage
III: The Restitution
9: Remains Of The Covenant
10: Eternal Cycle Of Delusion
Line Up:
Guitars/Vocals – Daniel Corchado
Guitars – Julio Viterbo
Drums – Antonio Leon��
The Chasm - The Spell Of Retribution
69/1001Details Earache/Wicked World
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Melodic Death/Thrash

Writer @Mat-Core on Monday Dec 27th, 2004

Tags: #The Chasm
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