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Glass Casket - We Are Gathered Here Today
Another band from North Carolina, USA, has found its way into the scene of hardcore/metal playing bands. This time it’s a band called Glass Casket. As their official bio says, the band plays “A furious mixture of grind, metal and hardcore executed with an unrelenting accuracy throughout the nine-song barrage of riffs, blastbeats and chugging battery”.

First of all I would like to give Glass Casket a compliment for their excellent musical skills. These guys know how to combine lots of different genres into their own unique style. And it might be shocking for some of you to read this, but I think I’ve got the right so say that this band is coming very close to The Dillinger Escape Plan when it comes to the devastating chaos and rhythms in the music of both bands. The drum rolls and guitar riffs played on this album (that only lasts 38 minutes) are almost too varying to mention! I can almost guarantee you that if you listen to this album your legs, head and maybe some more parts of your body will move you through the room.

It’s not that this band tries to play very different songs from each other but they’re even trying to do that IN every song. It’s like they play small songs in one song, all kinds of genres are passing by and the vocals vary from loud hardcore-screams to deep dark grunts to melodic parts. This is great to hear! Of course there’s this melodic song on the album, called ‘In Between The Sheets’, that invites you to try to sing along but just when you started to do so Glass Casket bursts out again into a big explosion. This band really is what most of you need, something new, something different from most other bands and most important, a portion of very good music!

One thing I’d like to mention is the high amount of grunts, in my opinion there are a little bit too many grunts and too few melodic vocals on the album. Looking to the whole thing that isn’t really something to be bothered about. I can only say: check this shit out!

Releasedate: 07.02.2005

Adam Cody – Vocals
Sid Menon – Bass, Vocals
Blake Richardson – Drums
Blake Tuten – Guitar
Dustie Waring – Guitar

1. Pencil Lead Syringe
2. And So It Was Said
3. Fisted And Forgotten
4. Fearfully And Wonderfully Made
5. Cellar Door
6. Chew Your Fingers
7. Scarlet Paint And Gasoline
8. In Between The Sheets
9. A Gray A.M. You Will Never Get To See
Plus video-enhancement for the song ‘In Between The Sheets’
Glass Casket - We Are Gathered Here Today
75/1001Details Bastardized Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
unique hybrid of metal and hardcore

Writer @Boek on Sunday Jan 9th, 2005

Tags: #Glass Casket
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