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Open Hand - You And Me
When Metal Rage received ‘You And Me’, I immediately asked for it so I could review this literally colorful album. Actually I didn’t know Open Hand that well but only one track from this band convinced me to pay some more attention to this guitar rock playing quartet.
Only a year ago, it looked as if the band may never make another album. Fortunately vocalist/guitarist Justin Isham was able to blow a fresh wind through the ‘Open Hand-camp’ and the result shows; ‘You And Me’, an epic guitar rock masterpiece.
Ok, guitar rock is something you may not prefer as a real metal fan and the fact that this album (title and track titles) has a great portion of ‘love related subjects’ in it doesn’t make it any better for you either, right? Well, let me tell you this then: ‘This album seriously kicks ass!’ Though, I’ve got to admit that this is really music you either like or you absolutely hate.
The first song starts with a small intro, followed by some crushingly powerful yet beautiful music. And actually that’s the best description for this whole album; crushingly powerful yet beautiful, impossibly complex yet accessible, classic yet wildly futuristic. One thing is for sure, this album is a genre-destroying album which won’t bore you until the very end. Most songs exist of slow and faster parts but overall this music makes you sit back and relax or makes you feeling really emotional (in a positive way that is) and makes you shiver.  
The only thing I can really say about this album is that it surely isn’t metal but please people, don’t be prejudiced by the fact it’s not completely your style, neither it’s mine! Give it a try and judge for yourself, in my opinion there’s a small chance you’ll be bored by these ‘Tough Boys’. Open Hand – You And Me: listen and shiver!
Release date: 7 February 2005  
Justin Isham – Vocals, Guitar
Paxton Pryor – Drums, Backing Vocals
Michael Anastasi – Bass
Sean Woods – Guitar
1. Pure Concentrated Evil
2. Her Song
3. Tough Girl
4. You And Me
5. Tough Boy
6. Jaded
7. The Ambush
8. Take No Action
9. Newspeak
10. Crooked Crown
11. The Kaleidoscope
12. Waiting For Katy
13. Trench Warfare
14. Hard Night
15. unknown (hidden track)
Open Hand - You And Me
88/1001Details Trustkill Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Guitar Rock

Writer @Boek on Wednesday Jan 19th, 2005

Tags: #Open Hand
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