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Heartfelt - The Plague Of Today
First of all ladies and gentlemen, the announcement of a brand new Hardcore/Punk label from the Netherlands: Shield Recordings ( Their first release? “The Plague of Today”, by Dutch Punkcore band Heartfelt. I wish this new label all the best and I hope they’ll release plenty of good CDs in the future.
Ok, over to the band now. Heartfelt is quite a new band in this world, they exist since the end of 2002 and after shows in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany with bands such as The Hope Conspiracy, Razor Crusade and Stockholm Syndrome, 2005 has become the year of Heartfelt’s second release, “The Plague of Today”. Their goal? ‘To show that hardcore is still about the music and the message’.
Well, if that isn’t an interesting introduction to a new album, then what is?! Let’s hope this band will stick to the word ‘interesting’. And to be straight to the point, I think they don’t. Which doesn’t mean I don’t like the music, oh no! That’s not the case at all because I do like this band, but the thing is that every song sounds pretty much the same to me. And the fact that the longest track on this album lasts for only 2 minutes, doesn’t attract me that much either.
Over to the music itself now. As I said before this band plays Punkcore, and to define that term a bit, just imagine hardcore, mixed up with punk. Can’t be hard to imagine that this band plays mainly very fast songs, right? And Heartfelt does that very well, a pity that the songs lack the variation to keep the attention. Every song starts fast from the very first second and the music isn’t really something I haven’t heard before. The vocals are nice, but again, it all sounds the same and not new anymore. I think I can describe this band as the younger brother of Roadrunner Records’ Red Tape. Which sure is a compliment, but I’d just like to see some more variation and some more emotions put into the vocals.
I’ve got to give my compliments to the artwork as well. It’s simple but attracting. It makes me think of a nice mixe-up between the new Bleeding Through and the new The Heartbreak Motel covers. Scratched characters and a lot of blood, nice work guys!
My advice to the band would be: Try to be a bit more creative in the songs, put a little more emotion in the vocals and try to make the tracks last a little longer. Keep up the good work guys!
Arold – Vocals
Frankie – Bass
Corné – Guitar
Bart – Drums
1. From The Grave
2. Ice Melts
3. Conservanation
4. Hello And Goodbye
5. Forever
6. Redefine
7. The Break
8. So Many Words
Heartfelt - The Plague Of Today
65/1001Details Shield Recordings
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Boek on Saturday Feb 12th, 2005

Tags: #Heartfelt
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