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Adultery - Age Of Winter Kings
I switched my promo with Blackrain, because he wasn’t fond of Slavonic Folk metal. Yes people, Slavonic Folk/Black metal, as Adultery is concerned. The record is called “Age Of Winter Kings”. They’re coming from the Czech Republic and this is honestly the first band in this genre from Czech, which I ever heard. I expected that the quality would be somewhat lower than those well-sponsored bands, but I found myself astonished with the fact that their sound kicked away most modern hitbands. I do lie now, because people actually listening to those hitbands would probably say otherwise. The sound is dark and very grim produced, which is precisely to my liking for this kind of music.
It all starts with an intro, which I find rather stretched out, it goes on and on and on… the song that follows however, is really nice to listen and it somewhat resembles with Menhir and Skyforger. I’m not always in the mood to listen to this kind of music, but I can really appreciate this when I do am in the mood. The lyrical theme is mainly about the Slavonic tradition and ancient tales. I do not possess all the know-how of this genre, but I really enjoyed listening to this album. The vocals are definitely a big plus because of the variety in changes in the voice. Menacing growls, but also the kind of vocal style you can hear with Menhir. To get a nice idea of the music, listen to Last Hope or The Ancient Prophecy. I personally favoured Confession Of Immortality and Silence, but that was after smoking a blunt.
I would recommend this album to people who can withstand some decent folkish black metal with grim tunes and a very nice dark atmosphere. If you do not find yourself back in this, then do not bother to buy it. My only advice will be to visit their website and listen their MP3’s, which are distributed to download.
Track List:
1: Silent Breath
2: Dark Ages
3: Last Hope
4: Struggle Of Curse
5: Tears
6: Confession Of Immortality
7: Crystal Light
8: The Ancient Prophecy
9: Black Well
10: Death Of Sun
11: Silence
12: The Return Of The King
13: Forgotten Rites
14: Time
15: Time II
16: Time III
17: The Final Trial
Line Up:

Vocals – Akharon
Guitar/Vocals – Elrabor
Guitar – Edrogh
Bass – Gorf
Drums – Von Borowitz
Adultery - Age Of Winter Kings
75/1001Details Dawnart Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Folk/Black Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Friday Feb 25th, 2005

Tags: #Adultery
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