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Unchained - Unchained
I haven’t reviewed a melodic/power metal album before, but what the heck! Let check this album out shall we?
Unchained has been a band since the school time for David Blome, but the band was officially formed in February 1999 as he felt that this is the band he would want to put their energy in to! Featuring another line-up, they played many concerts such as Jändelfestivalen and Sweden Rock Festival, and they became known as a talented, hungry and fresh Melodic Heavy Metal band.
Well this album surprised me. The voice of the vocalist reminds me of someone and that is no more than Bruce Dickenson. This album just grabbed me by the balls and forced me to like it, and well, I did…
The instruments sound very clear and are perfectly in proportion and even the vocalist can clearly be heard. At this front nothing to comment on.
The album starts with a riff which reminds me of Iron Maiden, the song continues… a few minutes later it turns with a pounding drum, into a heavier twist of metal but that did well in the song.
I Dream.
This song starts out quiet so I thought when does the pass pick up? But it didn’t, the song continued really peaceful and harmonious. You can almost compare it to a ballad!
Although I don’t like that stuff I was pretty impressed by the song.
Well now about the artwork, I guess that these guys are affected by chemistry, because if you look to the artwork you see a construction with a chemist standing under it. That’s not all, the construction contains coolers, flasks, separating funnels, beakers, stirring rods etc.
But if you pay more attention you see all the titles of the songs coming back in the artwork, for example, The Analyst; stands under the construction, Ghost of the Alchemic Hall; you see steam coming from the construction where you can see a face in, etc…

My opinion of this album is that it is great, the artwork is really worth looking at. As you are looking at the artwork and you play the album and it relaxes you big time.
There are song on this album which can become a big hit, even for non metal fans.
It deserves a very good rating and I hope for these guys that they will become very big!

1. My Guide
2. The Analyst
3. Ghost In The Alchemic Hall
4. Theater Of Fear
5. I Dream
6. Ordinary Sinner
7. Like The Candle
8. The Great Witch Hunt
9. Seventh Sin
David Blome - Guitars
Per Karlsson - Vocals
Mathias Ericsson - Bass
Peter Ericsson - Guitars
Martin Michaelsson - Drums
Unchained - Unchained
85/1001Details Sound Riot Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Melodic/Power Metal

Writer @Dinges on Tuesday Mar 1st, 2005

Tags: #Unchained
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