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VanKatoen - Lef!
VanKatoen is a Dutch Rock band that has got its own way of getting big. They had a record deal a couple of years ago but after a short period of time they decided they would make it on their own. And that is what they are doing right now. When I was trying to find a printer for the coming Metalrage shirts the printer attended me on this band. He gave me a phone number and two days later I received the album.
To start with this review, I once had a master class with lead singer Bazz and he really gave me a solid impression of his way of life and his opinion about the music industry. And I respect this, because when you are in a Dutch band who sings in Dutch and you want to try your own way  without a label you've got guts.
To be honest I really don't like music in other languages than English. Because this album is in Dutch it is not my type of music. But I have to stay objective and I sure will. It is an honour to review this album with one of the greatest covers of all time. Because the package I received was huge and when I opened it I saw a black shirt. After unfolding it I saw the track listing and tour data on the back of the shirt. I immediately started searching for the CD in the package but it was nowhere. Well, back to the shirt. On the front side there was a pocket with ZAK! Written on it. Yes, I found the CD. You can download the original cover on their site but this sure is great to wear, too bad it isn't my size (sorry Bazz, next time send an L please).
Well, lets finally start with the music. The sound quality is really good. Maybe this is one of the first albums in a different language that I actually like. Maybe because of the original music, maybe because the lyrics are quite remarkable. I saw 3 shows of these guys and they have got one hell of a solid fan base. Every single one knows their lyrics and the ages of their fans varies from young to old. Back to the music, a couple of months ago I saw their video for Ontspan!. This song is great to listen to, the music is good, original en the vocals are like the rest of the album well organized and they know what they want the song to express.
Like I said before I think this is one of the better albums with Dutch vocals and I really like the music VanKatoen placed on this album. But I still don’t like Dutch vocals. They didn’t change my opinion about that. The next time I get the chance to go out and see them I will try to ask them some questions about this album, their opinions and principals. If you want a great Dutch product and like to see an aggressive show, go out, buy this CD and see their show.
If I made you curious, you can download the entire album at their site if you fill out a form.
Line Up:
Lourens - Guitar
Bazz - Vocals
Arnoud - Drums
Aart – Bass
Track Listing:
1. Wannebe
2. Lef!
3. Alles
4. Snap Het Dan
5. Bemoei
6. Jij Stinkt
7. Raak
8. Ontspan
9. Vals
10. Wat Doe Ik Hier
VanKatoen - Lef!
73/1001Details Independant
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Dutch Rock

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Friday Mar 4th, 2005

Tags: #VanKatoen
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