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Utuk Xul - The Goat Of Black Possession
 It’s been a while since I got an extreme black metal album. So it was about time. Utuk Xul is the answer. Utuk Xul is a raging black metal band from Colombia.

The Goat Of The Black Possession
is Utuk Xul’s second album. In 2002 they released a split with Thy Antichrist. Before that, the band was called Dies Irae and they recorded the demo The law is for all  in 1994.
I must say that the music is better then the artwork. But it sure is not the best old school black metal album I’ve heard. The Goat Of The Black Possession has a raw and brutal production, like a black metal should have. The songs aren’t bad, but I can’t say it has never been done before. It has many influences of Nordic black metal bands.

The first song, Goat Of The Black Possession is an intro. Dark organs along with preaching of Anton La Vey surely made me quite curious about the rest of the songs, because of its dark atmosphere.

My expectations were right about the rest of the CD when Snake Of The Abyss bursted out of my speakers. A raw and brutal production, with brutal sounding songs. But like I said….. it has been done before, it is not refreshing. Next to that I think some songs are way too long. Snake Of The Abyss has a playing time of 11:53 minutes. Don’t get me wrong, I like long songs, but they must have variety in it.

The rest of the songs are all like Snake Of The Abyss: raw and brutal, but it's getting a little boring when you listen to the complete album.

The last song (the outro), again The Goat Of The Black Possession, is exactly the same as the intro. Well….. what shall I say about that? Hmmm….. I think you can imagine, so I let it be.

My verdict:
This album is not that bad, but it sure is far away from awesome. The production is like it should be, but despite that The Goat Of The Black Possession gets boring after a while. Fans of Necrovore and Bloodstorm will like this one though.

Line up:
Inferus Cobiscum - Voices From The Shadows
Fire - Chainsaw Of Destruction
Gigim Maskin Xul - Sounds Of Black Possession
Tophel - Drums Of Satanic War

Track listing:
1. Goat of the Black Possession
2. Snake of the Abyss
3. Visions of the Fire
4. The Ancient God of the Light (pt II)
5. Allax Xul
6. Whispers of Typhared
7. Goat of the Black Possession

Utuk Xul - The Goat Of Black Possession
61/1001Details Displeased Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Raging Black Metal

Writer @Arcane on Monday Mar 7th, 2005

Tags: #Utuk Xul
Line up