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Vacarme - Feast On The Cannibal
A few months ago I was browsing the internet to look for brutal festivals here in Europe. I got a mail from Fredric from Inhumate about a festival in Paris I believe with some brutal bands. I was interested and looked through the line-up and listened to some songs. On that page I came across Vacarme, a death metal band from Switzerland, I was quite curious how that would sound so I mailed them. A week later I was holding their record Feast Of The Cannibal in my hands but due to a very busy time with school I wasn’t able to write a review sooner. Vacarme are from Switzerland, where the death metal scene isn’t that bright as it is here. I just stuffed the record into the player and listened for myself.

Brutal death metal in my opinion is through bands like Disgorge, Brodequin, Debodified, Digested Flesh, hell even Brutus! Vacarme do not come close to that list but the music isn’t so bad. The first 2 songs I found rather boring and I was missing the speed. The first 2 songs are more in the vein of the old Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel. The speed entered with the 3rd song called Men Eater and continues in the 4th track called Dead Bastard. The speed dropped almost instantly after that, and didn’t return. The riffs aren’t really special and sometimes even annoying, but those parts luckily do not last for long. The remaining 4 slow songs did not really got my attention, because I’ve heard that kind of song on a regular base and it’s definitely not original. Deeds of Flesh or Dying Fetus also keep performing the same thing over and over again, but they do it with a high technical level. That’s mainly the reason why I think this band is not satisfying enough for me.

In my opinion this an average album because I don’t think this is brutal death metal. With only 2 songs out of 6 that are really nice to listen to I find it a rather weak performance. Too bad this band doesn’t keep the pace they do on those 2 songs and that’s why it tends to grow boring quite easy. I also must admit that this is the first album they’ve produced and that there certainly is potential for these guys. Just try to make the riffs more interesting and pump up the speed on drums and Vacarme will be a band to reckon with.

Track List:
1: Inconceivable Brutality
2: Death Sentence
3: Men Eater
4: Dead Bastard
5: Infertile Suffer
6: Dark Age

Line Up:
Vocals – Steph
Guitar – Stench
Bass – Matthieu
Drums - Fred
Vacarme - Feast On The Cannibal
55/1001Details Self Produced
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Friday Mar 11th, 2005

Tags: #Vacarme
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