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Shadow Season - The Frozen
SHADOW SEASON is a collection of members from both the Norwegian and Irish Black metal scenes. The band was formed in the summer of 2001 by Void (Guitars), Nekro (Guitars), Winter (Bass) and Nout (Vocals) in Stavanger, Norway... All the members had been active in the metal scenes in both Ireland and Norway. Winter, Void and Nout having previously being members of the Irish Witchhammer, and Nekro playing lead guitar with Gehenna. Their intention was to create something unique in a genre overpopulated by a lack of diversity. The band recruited Kris Vold (Dismal Euphony) to play the drums on their debut recording which was a 5 track promo. The recording received very favourable reviews in worldwide metal magazines and websites, generating record company interest in the newly formed band. The promo was a strictly limited edition. 2002 brought several line-up changes to the band due to work commitments and other unresolved issues. These changes also brought about a change in musical direction for the band, making the music more brutal and intense. In the summer of the same year, Winter relocated to Norway for the purpose of writing and recording the next chapter in the SHADOW SEASON legacy with Void. The two remaining founding members now took over all the song writing and playing tasks for the EP, with Winter playing bass and covering the vocal duties and Void playing all the guitars. This time the drumming was taken care of by Trym (Emperor/Zyklon)� Due to the geographical distance between Winter, Void and Trym, the EP was recorded in two stages. The first stage took place at Tram Lydstudio in Stavanger where the guitars, bass and vocals were tracked. Then the band travelled to Akkerhaugen Lydstudio to track the drums with legendary producer Th�rbjorn Akkerhaugen. The members then returned to Stavanger for the recording of string arrangements and guest vocals. The guest vocalists on "The Frozen" EP are Dolgar (Forlorn) and Sanrabb (Gehenna). (bio taken from Sound Riot website) The EP The Frozen exists out of 4 tracks. 4 tracks which can't be compared to eachother. 4 tracks which are totally ass-kicking. Feel like banging your head? Get this EP! Bashing black metal with guitar riffs which'll stick in your head for hours. The changes in the rhythm makes you want to listen it again and again. Overall: pretty original, great producing, good riffs, vocals are pretty good as well. Track listing: 1. Phantom In The Glass 2. Cataclysmic Ancient illusion 3. Frozen 4. To Scorn The Suicide Earth Shadow Season is: Winter - Vocals and sub-strings Void - All razor strings Trym - Battery (guest musician) Sanrabb - Vocals (guest musician) Dolgar - Vocals (guest musician) Patricia - Viola (guest musician)
Shadow Season - The Frozen
74/1001Details Sound Riot
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @sic on Thursday May 20th, 2004

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