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T.B.C. - The Herrie Sessions (demo)
"Punks and metalheads are supposed to hate each other" someone told me not too long ago. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but bands suchs as Metallica, Megadeth, Napalm Death and so on all have big-time influences from The Ramones, The Clash, Misfits, Dead Kennedys right? So whats the point? When I aproached one of the band members of T.B.C. (short for To Be Continued) to review their first real recorded effort entiteled The "Herrie" Sessions (Herrie being Dutch for 'noise'), I certainly got a similar responce, "metalrage? but we're punk!"

Well here goes the review that "all of our readers don't care for". As a metal fan I should stress that T.B.C. are punk, and therefor they suck. Their good mixture of typical English punk (not that I, being a metal fan ever heard of that) is a treat to ones eares, even though they do not sound like Exodus or Pantera. Seven well recorded agressive tracks that I am trying very hard to not enjoy, but fail to because it is simply well done. Recorded at the Starsound studio in Utrecht (insiders should know this studio and it's "famous" owner), it sounds professional in sounding dirty, a well-recorded Punk sound is the result.

All fun aside, I am NOT a punk expert, I never visit punk concerts and I own 0 patches nor do I have a piece of metal pierced through my face. But I DO enjoy The Ramones, Sex Pistols, UK Subs and Misfits from time to time and don't care for stigmas that surround any music-scene. So to all the TRUE punks: This sucks! To all the TRUE metal-heads: I never heard of T.B.C. But between the lines one should be able to read my apreciation for their 7-track garage-punk DEMO entitled The Herrie Sessions, and the fact that this is excelent punk music. Just don't tell anyone about this. T.B.C. should be able to get some recognition within the "scene" if they keep this up! Drink beers, smoke fags and shout "oi" at complete random moments, nice effort guys. Looking forward to future releases already.


Guitar : Jerry "Herrie" Derechos
Bass : Mrxmarkus
Drums : The Babykillah
Vocals : Wolf


1. Get It On
2. Seize The Day
3. Hotrod Song
4. Down
5. Straight Up
6. Dance
7. Beer And Fags
T.B.C. - The Herrie Sessions (demo)
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Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Lex on Monday Apr 4th, 2005

Tags: #T.B.C.
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