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Sinocence - The Beautiful Death Scene + Acceptable Level Of Violence
This review covers two EPs from Ireland-based Sinocence. The first one is Acceptable Level of Violence, their first professional, self-financed EP. The second review will be about "The Beautiful Death Scene", the band's latest offering. Sinocence play a kind of metal similar to modern Machine Head, Soil or Soulfly. Heavy riffs, groovy rhytms, and suprisingly, mostly clean vocals.

I'll start with Acceptable Level Of Violence. This EP was recorded in January 2004, and I chose to check this one first so I get a decent view of of the musical growth of the band.
ALOV starts with one of the groovier riffs I've heard in a long time. "Makin A Monster" is an excellent opener, the riffs are good and the vocals are pretty catchy actually. Probably works great live! Same goes for "Six Second Stare", which has a cool bridge part, followed by again some excellent riffs.

"Anything For The Next Escape" didnt do much for me. It's a bit of a standard rock affair, but a nice guitarsolo in the bridge. Some questionable vocals towards the end though. I think I heard Eddie Vedder with a digestive problem.

On to "Inside", my favorite track of this disc. If you want to check out a Sinocence track, I suggest this is the one. It captures the entire musical perspective of the band. Moshy-guitar riff? Check! Catchy Chorus? Check! Melodic bridge? Check! Definitly a cool rock song! Closer "Shedding Skin" failed to keep my attention, until the end where we find a sudden up-tempo metalriff and a nice guitarlead.

The Beautiful Deathscene was recorded in October 2004. It's rare that we from Metalrage get two cds released in the same year, so I was very curious to see if the music had changed in 8 or 9 months time.

Opener "Beneath The Halo" is a bit of a standard modern-metal tune. Somehow it misses that edge which makes you want to check out the rest of the EP.

"Novocain" is the best (and shortest) track on this EP. It's the heaviest tune, with some double bass drumming and pushing riffs and vocals. The song "Soul-Tied" is one of the more varied songs. It's almost progressive in nature because of its structure. It doesn't follow a standard structure, it has quite a few riffs following eachother. The drumming during the acoustic part was nice, I can hear some latin influences in that! Definitely my second favorite song from this EP.

The closing track "Scarred Human Voodoo Doll" is actually a classic rock-ballad. Personally I really liked the piano and string arrangements. It's a track that builds into a heavy center part, with up-tempo guitarwork. To bad the vocals aren't a bit more powerfull, it would really have made this track stand out.

Personally I prefer the material on Acceptable Level Of Violence; the songs seem to have better hooks compared to the ones on The Beautiful Deathscene. Sinocence are clearly talented songwriters and musicians. A lot of songs could use some trimming though. Most of them are longer then 4 minutes, and if I was the head-songwriter in this band, I would try to trim them down to 3 minutes. Currently some tracks just tend to drag on a bit. The vocals are a bit so-so in certain parts, sounding a tad forced. I don't want to sound like an ass, but maybe some vocal lessons to get more power and a clearer sound would make Moro's vocal work so much better.

The production of both EPs is ok, personally I would have preferred a more clear guitarsound and more defined drums. Everything tends to sound a bit "loose" at the moment. The band's music itself feels a bit dated overall; it's not like it belongs to the "nu-metal" era but it does tend to sound like that. If you like modern metal with some airplay capabilities, check this band out!

Sinocence are:
Moro - Vocals, Guitar, Piano
Anto - Lead Guitar
Kaxxx- Bass, Vocals
Davy - Drums


Acceptable Level of Violence:

1 - Makin A Monster
2 - Six Second Stare
3 - Anything For The Next Escape
4 - Inside
5 - Shedding Skin

The Beautiful Deathscene:

1 - Beneath The Halo
2 - Drown The Noise
3 - Novocaine
4 - Soul-Tied
5 - Scarred Human Voodoo Doll
Sinocence - The Beautiful Death Scene + Acceptable Level Of Violence
73/1001Details independent
Released on Monday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Carn on Tuesday Apr 5th, 2005

Tags: #Sinocence
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