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Final Breath - Let Me Be Your Tank
Ah finally, a decent thrash record! Final Breath hails from Germany, and play Thrash metal in the vains of Kreator, Slayer, The Haunted, spiced up with some hints of death metal like Dew Scented for example. The band got together in 1993, but it took 7 years before they released their first full album Flash-Burnt Crucifixes. This cd got followed up by Mind Explosion in August 2003. A year later the band released its latest offering, Let Me Be Your Tank. It took a while for this cd to find its way to Metalrage, but we'll review it nonetheless!
The disc starts of with a typical crunchy metal intro, soon to be followed by the song "Strong Pain", one of the faster tracks on the disc. When "Eyes of Horror" begins the tempo drops a bit. This song has a great mosh-riff halfway trough and some shredding guitarsolo work. "Greed of Revenge" pumps up the speed and has a very catchy guitarlead during its chorus which actually made me remember it. More great guitarwork combined with some tempo changes finish of this song.

Time for my favorite song of this disc; "Empty Eyes". This one has basically every ingredient a good thrash song needs. The opening riff is just insane, and I love it when there are some riffs following up eachother quickly. Some bands tend to exploit a decent riff way to much, and Final Breath really knows how to grab you by your nuts and drag you through this tune. Unfortunatly "Exposed To Hatred" is a bit more of a standard thrash affair. It's also a re-recording of an older song of the band. The titletrack is one of the more groove-orientated songs of this album, and starts with a nice 80ies guitar and drumintro before the main riff kicks in.

The speed gets turned up a few notches again for "Bemoaned Animosity". If this track doesnt get your head banging you're probably more suited to listen to the latest Good Charlotte cd. Vocalist Jürgen sounds alot like a little higher-pitched Marco Aro (ex-The Haunted) in this song..but maybe thats just me.

Time for another older tune called "Sociopathically Insane". I like this one much more than the other older song, it has some very fast riffing and some cool guitar+doublebass hooks. Nice job by drummer Heiko! "Coma Divine" is a worthy closer of this excellent metal record, a catchy main guitar riff and thunderous drumming would be two keywords for this song.

Final Breath might sound a bit standard because of the genre of music they play, but Let Me Be Your Tank delivers 100% quality metal. If you are looking for an experimental metal band, look elsewhere. Final Breath is about pissed-off vocals, tight and fast drumming, excellent guitarriffs and solos. What more do you want?
1 - Intro (instrumental)  
2 - Stong Pain
3 - Eyes Of Horror
4 - Greed For Revenge  
5 - Empty Eyes
6 - Exposed To Hatred '04  
7 - Let Me Be Your Tank   
8 - Bemoaned Animosity
9 - Sociopathically Insane '04  
10 - Coma Divine

Final Breath:
Jörg Breitenbach - Lead Gitarre
Jürgen "Eumel" Aumann - Vocals
Heiko Krumpholz - Drums
Dennis Schneider - Gitarre
Dominik Merz - Bass
Final Breath - Let Me Be Your Tank
83/1001Details Remedy Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Carn on Wednesday Apr 6th, 2005

Tags: #Final Breath
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