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Darkness Remains - Lamia
As a thunderbolt in the clear sky this album came to me and 3 friends told me I surely had to listen this album. As we at metalrage don't have the contacts already, I was forced to get a copy from the net. Usually when an album is that good, I remove the copy and buy the real thing. Darkness Remains was formed in the early months of 2001, and was created with ex-members from Inhumane, an US Death metal band. In 2002 they brought out their debut album called To Touch The Depth Of Sorrow. Gigs followed, but too bad they didn't gained the real fame they deserved here, as their music was literally overpowered by superb material from our own contraries. With Lamia they try to settle the score once again. Let's start the review then. The album starts with The Betrayal, an orchestral intro song for the next song, called Lamia In Corinth. This song starts quite slow, but after awhile the guitars and blastbeats roar in and true hell comes down from the speakers. The music lines are quite complex and technical. It reminds me a bit of older Soilwork material, with a touch from the old Death (R.I.P. Chuck). Next one is Serenity's Desire, which is an epical song that lasts for almost 14 minutes, almost Opeth like song structures are used here and the vocals remind me of Opeth too. This is a truely great song which openes up the ears and if you listen it twice, or thrice, whatever you want, you'll discover more, new technical parts. The rest of the album sounds quite the same with the dark Opeth touch and the better Melodic Death metal. Real good songs which you probably should listen are Plagues Not Overcome ( Guitars are very strong in this song) or Aura of Despair, which is a true pounder and a great oppurtunity to headbang!) I'm going to conclude this review with some critics. The sound is truely good produced and quite original, but sometimes there is a little bit lack of speed. For people loving Melodical Death metal in the style of Soilwork, In Flames and Crustacean have to buy this album. I can tell I liked this album and that's seen in the mark. Track List: 1: The Betrayal 2: Lamia In Corinth 3: Serenity's Desire 4: Heart Of Nails 5: FNT 6: Aura Of Despair 7: Plagues Not Overcome Line Up: Vocals: Jon Fralick Guitars: Mark Masri Bass: Curtis Henson Drums: Matt Tote Review by Mat-Core
Darkness Remains - Lamia
86/1001Details Tribunal Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Darkness Remains
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