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Alter Ego X - The Second Coming
 Alter Ego X (formerly know as just Alter Ego) has been seperated for a while, and after some sparks during a reunited session, the ideas quickly rose to keep playing and eventually record an album. And well. Well well well. I won't start bitching again but it isn't really that good, sorry guys. Even in a rock n roll landscape where there are more AC/DC cover bands to be found than guitar picks, this stuff won't make the grade. Even tho their fun take on hardrock in AC/DC style (maybe bands such as Accept in mind) is dripping with passion, and one can hear the fun these guys had in the recording booth and surroundings, it is hardly an exiting record to listen to. The songs lack the exitement that a good hardrock release breaths out to the listener, that sound that makes your back straighten out and raise your fists in the air, imagining you're covered in tattoo's, that sort of stuff. It's not here man, I don't hear it. Frankly, I got bored quite quickly..

But all that could be discarded if it wasn't for the singer. Oh my god. Sorry dude, but you are awfull! The version of Bon Scott you are screaming out sounds -forgive my crudeness- hilarious. Soon the sentence "this guy sounds like a busdriver" came to mind. And I mean a busdriver that is a 50 year-old fat woman that smokes forty fags a day.

But why bitch? This is the kind of band that probably plays bars and parties, and is bound to do well to entertain the drunken newly-weds and 40-year-old rural folks. So who would care about my cynical black vision? This stuff will sell it self on stage. But it sure as hell don't sell nothing on record, They just don't make the grade. The very most fun song on this record has to be Sin City. Ouch.. So yeah, as long as they're having fun, right? That's the spirit!

So without my awfully negative attitude towards completely average stuff, they try, they're having fun and one can hear this. So if you can stand god-awfull vocals and slightly uninteresting hardrock songs, in trade for some musicians-joy, the cd costs E 10 in retail and find out for yourself. And give these guys a chance if they play in a bar somewhere, I'm sure it'll work out when heard live (and drunk). But this dude's vocals.. The headaches, man!

Band Line-up:

Chris Van Uden
Ramon Hoos
William Lee Salfischberger
Marcel Heessels


1. There's Nothing Going On On The Radio
2. Devil Woman
3. Living In Sin
4. Trouble Man
5. Sin City
6. No Holding Back
7. Ain't Coming Home With You
8. Rebel With A Cause
Alter Ego X - The Second Coming
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Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Lex on Sunday Apr 10th, 2005

Tags: #Alter Ego X
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