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The Difference - Lost In Mass Confusion
What comes up in my mind when I think about Belgium?: Fat fries, Atomium, Antwerp, Brussel, Jean Claude van Damme, Jaques Brel. But there aren’t many bands I can name: K’s Choice, Re:Aktor, Clouseau, Enthroned…… And that is it. I’m happy I can write another band on my list, because this one is really great: The Difference. It sure is different from what I’m used to listen to.

The Difference was described to me as progressive rock, but I think it is more than progressive rock. The vocals sometimes have this really metallish touch, I never heard this kind of vocals in Rock. And now and then the drummer uses some double-bass passages. But these things don’t make The Difference a metal band. Except the song Dying In Vain, which is a real metal song with some Göteborg metal guitar riffs, and it is quite good, I must say!

There is just one band that come up in my mind when I listen to Lost in mass confusion: Iron Maiden. I don’t know why, It is way slower than Maiden, and actually doesn’t sound like Maiden at all, but for some reason it passed my thoughts every time I hear Lost in mass confusion. Weird. I think it's the song structures and the atmosphere on this record. Sorry, I cant find a better way to describe it (just listen to it and you will agree). The lyrics are about death, pain and misery. Combined with the music it creates a terrific dark atmosphere.

This record has got everything a good rock album needs: A great voice, some nice guitar riffs, great guitar solo’s and a good production.
About the solo’s. It has been a while I’ve heard a cd with some good solo’s on it. I don’t mean technical solo’s now, I’ve heard a lot of these the last weeks, but I mean solo’s with feeling, solo which (almost) make you weep. Damn, these solo’s on Lost in mass confusion are just awesome.

I must say it is hard to compare this record with something else, and that is in my opinion a good thing!
Although it is a great album, I must admit I cannot play this record two times in a row because it makes me a little depressed, but I’m sure many people will like it that way.

My conclusion: Lost in mass confusion really is one of the best rock albums I own.

Line up:
Gerd Hansens : vocals
Christophe de Bock : rythm guitar
Steven van Hyfte : lead guitar
Edward Timmerman : Drums
Steven Mervielde : Bass
Track list:
1. Child of flames
2. The Mirror
3. The darkest of all times
4. Dying eyes
5. Dying in vain
6. Nakes and fragile
7. When the light fades
8. Destruction by blindness
9. Blood is the life
10. The eternal
The Difference - Lost In Mass Confusion
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
progressive rock

Writer @Arcane on Monday Apr 11th, 2005

Tags: #The Difference
Line up