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Changer - Scenes
A few weeks ago, a guy of the Icelandic band Changer, visited the forum. He asked us to help him out with European gigs and after we asked for some mp3’s he also decided to send us their CD. In short, that’s the story behind Metalrage reviewing a CD of an Icelandic(?!?!) band. Great to hear that Iceland has a metalscene as well isn’t it?
That being said, I’d like to add that Changer indeed arranged some European shows. Just visit our forum or the official Changer-website to stay informed about the shows.
First thing that has to be said, this CD is a self-produced one, which makes the sound a bit rawer. Especially the vocals seem to be somewhat overruled by the music now and then. I wouldn’t call that a big problem on this CD though. And maybe that’s not even true, but the vocals are done in such a robotic way, that it’s pretty damn hard to really judge them well. First impression? I’d say, put a bit more (melodic) singing in the music and lesser robot-speaking parts in it. As for the rest, I’ve got to admit that the vocals do sound original!  
What about the music then aigh? Well, the first thing that spring to my mind while listening to Changer is that this really isn’t metalcore. There’s no way I can compare this music to a band like for example Killswitch Engage. I think this music can be described best as experimental / technical metal with some metalcore and heavy metal influences. Don’t expect a Dillinger Escape Plan alike experimental band though! The music isn’t as varying as DEPs’ music is, but has a more own personality, mostly caused by the good combination between weird vocals and fast music. All in all, the music and vocals seem to fit each other pretty well and I can only hope that this band knows how to turn the songs into a good live act when they’re playing in Europe.
As we often do here at we’re giving you the advice to check a band out. And so I’ll do that again right now, just check this band out and find out for yourself if you like it or not. Keep in mind that IF you like them, they’ll probably tour your country this summer!
Magnus – Vocals
Jói – Guitar
Hudson – Guitar
Berti – Bass
Kristján - Drums
01. Vicious
02. Go On
03. The New Eden Attitude
04. Craving Romancer
05. Rough Mix
06. Fudge
07. Scenes
08. The Lord Is A Monkey
09. Sponk
10. Kill The Human
Changer - Scenes
70/1001Details Independent
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Experimental / Technical Metal

Writer @Boek on Monday Apr 18th, 2005

Tags: #Changer
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