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Scorched Earth Tactics - Blastradius
The description of this Finnish band was a fusion of hardcore and technical death metal. Interesting. I like The Dillinger Escape Plan a lot, let’s see if it’s somewhat in that style.
Before I start discussing the music, I have to say that these guys have really cool promotional material to go with the album. It came with a S.E.T. matchbox and a sticker which showed a drawing of a boy and a girl speaking to each other. The girl says “I want you to give up that noisy deathcore crap if you want to be with me…. okay?” To which the boy answers “Fuck off”. Hilarious if ya ask me! I immediately pasted in my briefcase. Okay, about the music then.
A better description than what these guys gave me I can’t give you. It has some Dillinger Escape Plan influences, only not so extreme, combined with death metal. Sounds quite well, except for some minor things I just have to mention.
The vocalist does not always please me. He sometimes uses the same technique too often. He does have enough variation in his throat, but he should just make more use of it. The same goes for the drummer, who uses a blastbeat in the track “Futile Struggle” a bit too much.

But I can definitely not say that this is a bad record, I like the guitar parts a lot, they do vary enough and even do some spacey melodic parts. They just have some death metal parts that reminds me too much of those braindead bashing death bands that come by the thousands.
I surely believe that with this recording they should be able to approach certain labels to see if anyone will do something with them. I’m looking forward to what this band will offer us in the future.
Erkki Hätinen – vocals
Hannu Lakervi – bass
Tero Rinne – guitar, backing vocals
Tom Gardiner – lead guitar
Antti Viidanoja - drums
Track listing:
  1. Lambs
  2. Defiance
  3. Futile Struggle
  4. Italian Strike
  5. Blastradius
Scorched Earth Tactics - Blastradius
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @DemonDust on Sunday Apr 24th, 2005

Tags: #Scorched Earth Tactics
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