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Melting Flesh - Good Addiction Butchery
Melting Flesh…. I’ve never heard of this band before, so I was quite curious about it. Melting Flesh is from Colombia, and has released 2 demo tapes so far. Good Addiction Butchery is their first full length album, which has received quite some positive critics. Let’s see for myself if these extremely positive critics do apply. First of all I must say I really fancy the artwork, made by Giovanni Ortega, because it’s really well drawn. It’s hard to explain it, but you just have to have a sick taste for art I guess.
Good Addiction Butchery starts with a nasty porn intro, followed by a deafening roar of a chainsaw. Quite the ordinary intro I’ve heard a dozen times before. The song that eventually kicks in makes it instantly clear that the band has to come from a South-American country. It is only in these contraries they produce such rattling, incoherent and messy noise! There are enough tempo changes, but the drum sound is fading away against the overtuned guitar sound. It’s just one messy blur of different noises coming together. Now, I do like this kind of music and usually I would be thrashing mad when hearing shit like this, but Melting Flesh just cannot hold my interest very long. The production could have been far better and maybe then there would be something to make out of it. The average song length is about 3 minutes and is indeed quite long when compared to most extreme bands. The songs just flew past, without me noticing, until the 5th track Fucking Colostomy began, which made my ears thrash. The first real attacker of the album, I thought. What should you hold into mind when you decide to listen to it? Well, Melting Flesh has produced a fairly nice album which tends gingerly to the Mexican Disgorge, because of the total chaos. It’s fairly good compared with other albums coming from this part of the world, just like Anal Vomit for instance, which was quite grinded into dust by one of my colleagues. I think this album is a question of loving or hating, there is no “in between”. One funny fact is that the last song of the album starts with another “pussy chuppin” intro, followed by one of the best songs on the album, mending brutality and techniques into one song.
I rather would have liked an album in the style of that last song, but you cannot have it all after all! Melting Flesh’s Good Addiction Butchery is definitely not a bad album, but the production sometimes really falters, and sometimes there is no clean difference anymore between drums and guitars. I, myself would not buy this album, because there are far better ones out on the market these times. If you have a fancy for extreme South-American bands though, then I can greatly recommend you this album.
Track List:
1: Bloody Orgy
2: Fetus Head Collection
3: Of My Own Blood
4: Mastectomy With A Chainsaw
5: Fucking Colostomy
6: Mental Insanity
7: Vaginal Devourer
8: Human Destruction
9: Licking Sweet Pussies
Line Up:
Vocals/Bass – Rolando
Vocals/Guitar – Harold
Drums - Engelbert
Melting Flesh - Good Addiction Butchery
68/1001Details Dan\'s Crypt Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Brutal Death Metal

Writer @Mat-Core on Saturday Apr 23rd, 2005

Tags: #Melting Flesh
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