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Resuscitator - Warrior's Death
Resuscitator?? What the fuck is a resuscitator? Never heard of that word before. So I Googled for the word resuscitator and found out it is some kind of breathing reanimating machine or something like that. But what has a black metal band in common with a Resuscitator?
Resusciator was found in the early 90’s. A couple of line up changes followed. The music changed too, it was faster and much heavier than before. At the end of the 90’s Resuscitator introduced their new style in their live shows, dark and fast black death metal similar to European bands like Immortal, Samael (early years), Rotting Christ (early years).
About Warrior’s death: I indeed hear the influences of the bands I named above. It has a really good European sound. Very raw vocals and guitars. It sounds like an old school black metal album should sound. But I’ve heard some passages I would not use for black metal. Like in the song Legions From The Past. It has a great slayerish intro and asskicking riffs and great blastbeats, but after 1:33 minutes some kind of punk riff is used. Well I think they should cut out that riff and sent it to blink 182 or some other crappy American punk band. It really is a great song, but that part really doesn’t fit there. It would be my favorite song of Warrior’s death, without that riff and the crappy scream intro (sorry guys, but those screams sound only cool in combination with music).
As We Conquer is also one of the better songs on the album. It really reminds me of Immortal. Especially the vocals remind me of Abbath.
Warrior’s death is quite a nice album, but it has been done before, like a thousand times.
Track listing:
1. In the Night's Silence
2 .Blessings of Satan
3. Legions from the Past
4. Father of Obscurity
5. Messengers of the Immortal Throne
6. Initiation
7. As We Conquer
8. Blackened Sky
Line up:
Summoner – Lyrics and contributing vocals
Sacbe – Guitars and vocals
Obscurer – Guitars
Bodnar – Session drums
Resuscitator - Warrior's Death
70/1001Details Displeased Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
black metal

Writer @Arcane on Friday May 6th, 2005

Tags: #Resuscitator
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