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The Bled - Pass The Flask
Time for a golden oldie! Well actually..not really golden and not really that old. In fact, The Bled has a new release coming up pretty soon. But somehow this cd kept littered around this reviewers desk..maybe the big load of boring metalcore releases had something to do with that. Maybe Metalrage should get a "stuff leftover from 2003"-deparment..I think I will be very suited for that!

Anyway, back on topic. The Bled hail from Tuscon, Arizona. Appearently this place is quite boring since the band sounds pretty pissed off. The guys are inspired by bands like Converge and Refused, and this results into a slightly "typical" modern metalcore/screamo sound. I dont care if people call them a hardcore band, there is to much melody and "metal" going on for that.

Unlike other bands, The Bled pretty much seem to be able to nail down an original sound. Ofcourse you've heard everything before in other bands, but the dissonant guitars, love for more-complex-than-average rhytms and an original feel for melody result into a recognisable sound. 

"The Sound of Sulfer" is one of the more representable tracks, altough the emo-ish ending put an odd spin to it. I think one of the best tracks is "Ruth Buzzi Better Watch Her Back", which has a good mix of that weird sense melody and "core", with a decent breakdown to boot. It somehow made me think of Meshuggah. And thats always a good thing..but who comes up with these songtitles? "Porcelain Hearts & Hammers For Teeth" starts out as an atmospheric acoustic song with a nice beat to it, but soon it falls back into a bit to typical "raah we're angry"-core that has been done before numerous times.

After reading some reviews about this cd, most of them are pretty to very positive. And I wonder why? The band seems to exist out of very capable musicians, but the moments that made me go "this was cool" were..lets say, > 5. I bet blabla-core fans will love it, but this reviewer could not be entertained for the full lenght of this cd. "Pass the Flask" might be regarded as one of the "better" metalcore releases from 2003, but I`m still not sold. Maybe the upcoming record can change that.

Track listing:
1. Red Wedding
2. You Know Who's Seatbelt
3. I Never Met Another Gemini
4. Ruth Buzzi Better Watch Her Back
5. Sound Of Sulfur
6. Porcelain Hearts & Hammers For Teeth
7. Get Up You Son Of a Bitch, Cuz Mickey Loves Ya
8. Spitshine Sonata
9. We Are The Industry
10. Nothing We Say Leaves This Room

Line up:
Mike Celi - Bass
Jeremy Talley - Guitar
James Muñoz - Vocals
Ross Ott - Guitar
Mike Pedicone - Drums

The Bled - Pass The Flask
68/1001Details Fiddler records/Sorepoint records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Carn on Wednesday Jun 15th, 2005

Tags: #The Bled
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