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Relentless Assault - Live Assault '04
Coming from the southern part of The Netherlands, Relentless Assault sent us their latest release: their first live "album". A bit weird since the band only has a few demos out, but the overall quality of the cd is pretty decent, especially for a live recording. I've heard "professional demos" which sounded like an open arse compared to this, and I think the guys just saw this as a good way to get some music out.

Vocalist Ron sounds like a positive clone of Max Cavalera during his old Sepultura days and fits the music very well. The music itself is a good mix of you guess it, old Sepultura, Slayer, and some hints of Obituary. The band plays pretty good, but again, its a live recording so things tend to sound a bit muddy now and then. We also find a cover of Judas Priest's Rapid Fire. My favorite song is definitly "Future of Torture", it has some great tempochanges and good riffs. I think that its also the most varied track regarding the actual composition. Groovy part, fast slayerish part, its all there. This 8-track effort ends with another well-executed cover; Territory from Sepultura.

Relentless Assault somehow fails to really impress me with this "Live Demo". The intentions are clearly there, but the end result is a "decent" death/thrash-affair. The most interesting tracks are the covers, and that should say something about the band's own material. Personally I miss some great hooks that make you go "damn these guys kick ass". I do have to say that if the quality was better that it would be easier to hear some of the more complex playing (because its definitly there!). 

Check them out if you like thrash/death metal and want to support your local scene. The musical ability is definitly there and the guys are all good players. Now its time for some relentlessly good music! (wow thats a bad closing line..)
1. Slutslaughter
2. Future of Torture
3. Rapid Fire
4. Pray For The Grave
5. Feeding Time
6. Anararchistic Infection
7. Exhume The Hatchet
8. Territory
Drums: Frank van der Horst
Guitar: Jeroen van Lankveld
Guitar: Glenn Petters
Bass: Sjoerd Rutten
Vocals: Ron Jaegers
Relentless Assault - Live Assault '04
65/1001Details indepentend
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Carn on Wednesday Jun 15th, 2005

Tags: #Relentless Assault
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