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Six Reasons To Kill - Reborn
Formed in Koblenz in 1999, Six Reasons To Kill shortly convinced labels in Europe and Japan to release their debut ‘Kiss The Demon’. Quickly the band was labeled as a band that plays brutal death metal-influenced hardcore. Two more split releases and countless shows all over Europe with bands such as Caliban, Shadows Fall, God Forbid, Hatebreed and Heaven Shall Burn marked the path of Six Reasons To Kill. Now, in 2005, Six Reasons To Kill is ready to blast us away again with new blood on drums, guitars and bass.
When I read the added bio of this album, the style of this band was described as metalcore. Bummer! Again metalcore. Something else would be nice! But fortunately this bio is wrong about that. Because when I listen to this album, and especially a song like ‘Cutting Away’, this album definitely carries a lot of death metal influences on it. Especially the vocals are very much death metal-influenced.
The music contains blastbeats, which is a great thing to hear on this album. And yes, when I listen to this album some more, I hear the metalcore for sure. But this isn’t just the standard metalcore we’re so used to these days. That’s a very good thing Six Reasons To Kill brought us with this album.
The bad thing? Well, I wouldn’t call it bad, but it all seems to be done before to me. I’ve heard it all and although I really like this album, I’m afraid other people will immediately recognize this music without knowing the actual band playing it.
Musically there’s really not much I can complain about, but to become a more well-known band in the scene, these guys should create an even more unique Six Reasons To Kill sound, which, unfortunately isn’t (re)born yet!
There’s one thing I’d like to give some attention in special. The cover artwork! To me, that’s a very original and attracting thing for this album. It’s definitely something to be proud of. Two thumbs up for that!
Release date: July 18th in Europe and August 25th in Asia.
Six Reasons To Kill - Reborn
68/1001Details Bastardized Recordings
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Boek on Monday Jul 11th, 2005

Tags: #Six Reasons To Kill
Tracklisting 1. Symbols Of Ignorance (4:27)
2. Cutting Away (2:54)
3. Retribution (3:25)
4. Against All Enemies (4:11)
5. A Cold Sensation (6:16)
6. Dying Peace (3:08)
7. Last Prayer (3:49)
8. Truth Remains (3:47)
9. Apocalypse Of Reality (3:59)
10. Addicted To Love (life\'s Dead End Path) (9:01)

Plus video-enhancement for the song ‘Retribution’.
Line up Christian Valk – Vocals
Marco Andree – Guitars
Loc Tran – Guitars
Matthias Machenheimer – Bass
Florian D�rr - Drums
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