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Valiance - Wayfaring
The only metalband from Italy I know is Linea77, so it was a total surprise to me that there was more than standard nu-metal in this country, where fests like Gods of Metal (featuring mostly nu-metal artists) are being held. The band Valiance has been in the metal scene since 1994. They first entered the studio in 1996 to record the demo-tape �Killing the pigs killer� releasing 5 tracks directly inspired by NWOBHM. Line-up changes didn�t stop the race of the band which gave birth to �Time Enchanter� demo-cd In 1999, being announced by a 2-tracks promo titled �Beyond the line� one year before, to give to the metal press a little taste of the natural evolution of their sound. After this �Time Enchanter" was released. In 2000 �The Unglorious Conspiracy� was released through Black Lotus Records. "Wayfaring" is the follow up to their full length debut, so let's find out what these guys are about. I have never really been into power metal, so this is pretty new stuff to me., Yes ofcourse I've been listening to Manowar and stuff, just not that intense. The first song almost knocked me out, because I never expected this. 'Way to the knowledge ain't never too short' introduces the song itself. Perfect drums rhytms, beautiful symphonics, slashing guitar riffs, background chorus and a strong, melodic voice. This guy knows how to sing with this kind of music. It all fits together. 'The Less Beaten Path' is a good song. Well that's one song, let's see how the others are. The second song, 'Immaterial' is comparable to the first song, a background chorus which sings some parts, great guitar (this guy really knows how to play) and nice heavy metal drumwork. Some songs start with piano alike intro's, to turn into really powerfull power metal songs. This is the best way to describe the entire album. Some parts are heavy enough to get it out of the power metal compartment. Again, I never expected this band to prestate like this. Tracklisting: 1. The Less Beaten Path 2. Immaterial 3. The Secret (Melting Snow) 4. Gates Of Winter 5. Neverending Flame 6. Victim Of My Pride 7. Recall 8. Free Men's Cage 9. Valiant Day Valiance is: CARMINE GOTTARDO (vocals) GIAN PAOLO COSTANTINI (bass) MARCO DE ANGELIS (guitars) MARIO ESPOSITO (guitars) CIRO ESPOSITO (keys) ALESSANDRO ROMANO (drums)
Valiance - Wayfaring
78/1001Details Black Lotus
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @sic on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #Valiance
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