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Mindgrinder - Riot Detonator
Mindgrinder did not sound familiar to me until 2004, when they released their first full-length called MindTech. I found it amusing to listen, but it was not the best I’ve heard. They were without a drummer at that time and the drums were recorded electronically. Recently I received their second full-length album called Riot Detonator. After reading the biography that was included, I found out that they now have a real drummer, which made it very interesting for me. Based in Norway, they released two demos that I have never heard and now they have assaulted the metal world with this killer album
The record starts aggressively with an angered scream and full-speed blasting, which I found very amusing. This very first song states the aggression this whole record is emitting and is called, how could it be else, Warhead. The music has certain melodic parts, but mostly it is pure rage that radiates from this piece of plastic. The second song has some typical Morbid Angel riffs and blasts. Luckily, Mindgrinder found an own interpretation and make it a very attracting song to listen. The rudder is thrown radically with the third song called The Rebellion. This song just breathes thrash, which I really admire about these guys. The whole album is one big pool of diversity and creamed with a nice layer of brutal blasts that will pound your eardrums! The 4th song is one of my favourites, called Transition. I am the kind of metalhead that likes to headbang with mid-tempo moshriffs filled with a constant double bass drum. If you know what I’m talking about, then you’ll definitely appreciate this song. After the storm usually comes calm, which MindGrinder have solved with a kind of ballad like song of 1 minute that flows into Hellfire, which is another great tune to crash your brain cells. The rest of the album is kind alike with what I mentioned above.
The biography describes it as extreme metal, which is quite correct. The album contains great death metal riffs and a fair amount of thrash. Sometimes, you might be able to find a lone black metal riff lost in the big sea. If this appeals to you, then run to the store and get it. Fans of Zyklon definitely should listen to it. Enjoy!
Mindgrinder - Riot Detonator
90/1001Details Nocturnal Arts Prod.
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Mat-Core on Saturday Jul 9th, 2005

Tags: #Mindgrinder
Tracklisting 1. Warhead (4:16)
2. Pathetic Submission (4:21)
3. The Rebellion (4:40)
4. Transition (4:33)
5. Epilogue (1:06)
6. Hellfire (4:14)
7. Concept Of Honesty (4:59)
8. Death_s Disciples (3:38)
9. Obligation To Prevail (6:55)
Line up Vocals/Bass – Cosmocrator
Guitar – Nitrous
Guitar – Titan
Drums – Battery