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The Unseen - State Of Discontents
With all the (still to be shot)gayass poppunk-bands it was time for a little reaction. And just as we were getting hopeless, out come these guys.
The young horses from the Unseen got a little support on this record. Ken Casey, Brett Gurewitz and Jim Siegel helped them produce this record (Dropkick Murphy’s, Bad Religion), which, with the help of these icons, became a very nice record indeed.
A raw streetpunk record with a political flavoured paintjob.
The cover shows it. This is another anti-war record. We've seen a lot of them lately. A little too many in my opinion. It’s no more than logical that about every band has a anti-war orientated song, but people, enough already. I’m getting irritated by the ‘war-theme’only records.
Well anyway. The record, 13 songs. And as mentioned before, we get our moneys worth.
But before I start giving this record compliments I want to give my thought on the Rolling Stones cover. The Unseen recorded a cover of Paint it Black and put it on this record. Well I heard someone else do it before (can’t remember who) and they screwed it up, but I really don’t like this version either. In this case, the classic should have been left alone.
But what about the rest of the songs? "On The Other Side" is a song about teenage suicides, "Scream Out" and "We Are All That We Have" cover how music can change lives and their meaning. But still, it’s an anti-war record, and what would an anti-war record be without a few Bush-bashing songs. "Weapons Of Mass Deception" and "Force-Fed” take care of this.
“Waste of Time” is one of those ‘screw you guys’ songs, a hardcore record must-have.
And “Final Execution” is probably the best song on the record. Bloodpumping riffs lift things up on a song that is a perfect example of what a good punk song is nowadays.
A lot of raw Minor Threat kind of vocals, a few modern emo-influences and shouting oi choruses. And these aggressive chroruses are definitely the Unseen’s hidden strength. Together with the fact that the production definitely went up in terms of quality, this record really is a winner for those who like streetpunk in a highproduction jacket. It’s made, but it’s made by some of the best. Still I think they screwed it up a bit by covering the Stones.
The Unseen - State Of Discontents
79/1001Details Hellcat Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Spoerie on Saturday Jul 9th, 2005

Tags: #The Unseen
Tracklisting 1. On The Other Side (2:35)
2. Scream Out (2:51)
3. The End Is Near (1:27)
4. Weapons Of Mass Deception (2:15)
5. You Can Never Go Home (2:30)
6. Dead Weight Falls (2:50)
7. Force Fed (2:11)
8. Social Damage (2:13)
9. Waste Of Time (3:07)
10. Hit And Run (2:11)
11. We Are All That We Have (1:41)
12. Flames Have Destroyed (1:04)
13. Final Execution ( Armageddon) (2:34)
14. Paint It Black (2:34)
Line up Scott – Lead Guitar
Tripp – Bass, Vocals
Pat – Drums
Rufio – Guitar
Mark – Lead Vocals