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Crotchduster - Big Fat Box Of Shit
Vagiflap the reason for cain
the way the he looks in my eye
Mammal sauce, so pleasantly
fresh - My senators vagina
is in the sky

Right. "haha-metal" has to be your cup of tea. Frankly I nearly died myself laughing whilst listening to like Knorkator, Zimmers Hole or Anal Cunt back in the day.

But Crotchduster is just plain bullshit. In stead of making sickingly fast and intense Grind/Death with some jokes in between it is rather the other way around, loads of puberal inuendo that would only amuse a 12 year old, with nihil amounts of actual metal. It's so stupid, it would make the Bloodhound Gang seem like Nick Cave.

Making fun of AOR, resmashing the most famous Slayer intro into a new "hilarious" song, okay. But not for a full album. It gets on my nerves. It's been done a gazillion times. The one thing that pain-stakingly managed to retrackt a smile-like gesture on my face was the nu-metal / rap parody on "mammal sauce", but then again considering this album consists of absolutely nothing else than parodying genres and shouting "poo pee vagina erection" and so on, who cares.

These guys don't want to be taken seriously, but they fail in being funny. That leaves a disc that is not worthy of any score.
Crotchduster - Big Fat Box Of Shit
10/1001Details Earache
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Lex on Saturday Jul 9th, 2005

Tags: #Crotchduster
Tracklisting 1. True Nature Of Williams (2:32)
2. Big Top Williams (3:17)
3. Cain Sings The Blues (2:28)
4. Let Me Into Starfish Land (3:27)
5. Mr. Indignant Erection (3:04)
6. Mammal Sauce (7:29)
7. Jogging In Hell (2:29)
8. Stars Ingenious Cooter (3:29)
9. Crotchopus (14:31)
Line up Fornicus Mcflappy : Guitars & Vocals
Slippery Jim : Vocals
Cain : Drums