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Subscribe - Sanity Has Left The Building
Every now and then you receive an album which gets your interest from the first time you listen to it. And once again, it happened to be a Hungarian band that amazed me. Founded in 1999, the band released three demos and now they are releasing their first full length throughout Europe. Besides that they supported Pro-Pain together with Superbutt last month and they are playing on the Hungarian Sziget festival next month.
Well, if people would ask me to describe Subscribe I'd have to call it a mix of Hoobastank, 36 Crazyfists, Mudvayne and Dutch rockers Concubine. And these three bands have got nothing in common. Subscribe knows to combine these three bands in one song. They do all this in only one song. But the madness continues. Every single song following the first track ‘Friendship’ is pure and a brilliant piece of music. Every single musician has got an amazing influence in the music. Drummer Attila is playing one of the strangest patterns, and bassist Miklos is one of the better unknown bass players I have heard in the last year. When he puts his short ‘solos’ in the music you realize these are great musicians.

The band features two vocalists, even though the biography says there's only one. the live show proved otherwise. And the band really knows to combine these two voices into the music. In ‘Oidipus Abortion Clinic’ they are even combining these two by changing singers every word. Besides that both singers have got a great range and use raps, grunts, clean singing and even some strange Fonzy (Muppet Show) imitation.

As you might notice I just can’t stop talking about this band and I can really recommend this album to all of the music lovers out there because this is one piece of art that can be filed under ‘must have’. Fellow editor Carn and I were discussing this band on our way to Graspop and we both agreed that if this band had it's roots in the U.S., they would have a major deal by now and they would have sold millions of albums worldwide.

By bringing rap, fusion, nu metal, jazz elements, metal and rock influences together into their music, Subscribe has produced an album to be proud of. With talented musicians and a great combination of various styles these guys deserve to make it worldwide.
Subscribe - Sanity Has Left The Building
87/1001Details Edge Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Alt Metal

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Friday Jul 15th, 2005

Tags: #Subscribe
Tracklisting 1. Friendship (4:54)
2. Crowd Of The Nobodies (4:28)
3. Feedback (4:23)
4. Oidipus Abortion Clinic (5:07)
5. S.o.s. (6:39)
6. Instrument-all (2:46)
7. Mechanic-all (5:11)
8. Highfly (3:15)
9. X-man (4:41)
10. Unity (4:09)
11. Rebirth (5:42)
12. Bahama Beach Cocktail (3:39)
Line up Mikl�s Anga-Kis – Bass
Attila Horv�th – Guitar
Tam�s Reich – Guitar
M�t� Tilk– Vocals
Atilla R�kasi – Drums
B�lint Csongor – Vocals