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Grimness - Increase Humanity Disgust

Words like sinister, fire, diabolic, hate and darkness etc, all typical words used for black metal bands. Most of the time these words sound very interesting when you see the record in your local record store, it has to be dark and evil. I think the name of a band, just like artwork, makes the choice in front of the metal cd-rack in the store a little easier. So why am I talking about this? Simple: Grimness just sounded cool.

is an Italian band and was found as a 2 man band in December 2001. After a while others joined. In 2002 Grimness released the 1st mcd: Dogma. And now they released their 1st full length-album Increase Humanity Disgust.

When I heard Increase Humanity Disgust, I was very surprised. I expected black metal like Nargaroth, Cadaver Inc. or Tsjuder, just because of the name Grimness. 2 Names immediately came up in my mind when I listened to this cd: Dissection and Naglfar. And that is a good thing in my opinion. Other bands that slightly might have influenced Grimness are Zyklon , Watain and Emperor.

The music is aggressive but also melodic. Powerful riffs and melodic alternate each other. Most of the blackmetal bands use blastbeats most of the time. What I really like about Increase Humanity Disgust is the usage of lots of double bass passages. It gives the music a real fat drive.

I especially like the song N.D.E. which really reminds me of the Mayhem song View from Nihil of the Grand Declaration of War album.

The production is very good. It has a real clear sound. Everything has been mixed quite well. I’m glad Grimness made the choice for this mix, I think when they would have used a more oldschool mix it would lose all its power.

Although I really like Increase Humanity Disgust I have to say it really sounds familiar, it is not refreshing. But all people who really like Dissection and Naglfar should listen to this album, and not just because of the name.

Grimness - Increase Humanity Disgust
84/1001Details Hardebaran
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001
Black Metal

Writer @Arcane on Saturday Jul 9th, 2005

Tags: #Grimness
Tracklisting 1. Introspection Of The Engine
2. Dimension Evil
3. Katahrsis In Vain
4. Slay The Demiurge
5. From The Cosmic Chaos
6. Nihil Addiction
7. Blood Calls Blood
8. N.D.E.
9. Outrofthebody
Line up Willer – Bass
Valerio – Guitar and vocals
Andrea – Guitar
Jonah - Drums