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Swirl 360 - California Blur
The past few years have seen the lives of Swirl 360’s Kenny and Denny Scott quite literally live up to the name of their band. The twin brothers landed a major label record deal in1997, recorded and released an album, then watched helplessly as their lives went through a tumultuous period of upheaval, which almost saw the duo quit the music business for good. But now things have come full circle. With Atenzia Records’ new release, ‘California Blur’, (produced by Evan Frankfort and Swirl 360 and released March 29th 2005), Swirl 360 make a triumphant return with their long-awaited sophomore record which, as Kenny Scott admits, stand testament to the band’s endurance and talent.

After reading this pretty promising introduction to the band, I was quite curious to this album. Especially because the last rock album I had to review (Open Hand – You And Me), was a very, very good one! So, my expectations were pretty high again this time. What a bummer! Shouldn’t have done that to myself. This really isn’t my thing. And I know I gotta be objective here, so I’ll admit it, the music sounds ok. But it’s so NOT new, that it gets you bored during the very first song. And that my friends, is never a good thing!
Simple drum work, simple guitar work, just the usual rock thing you hear on every day radio and TV programs. And the vocals, well, there’s really not anything worth mentioning them actually. After a while of listening I feel like I put the repeat-mode on and that won’t stop until the end of the album. The band is quite ok, sure not bad music. But what this album really kills, is the huge lack of originality, combined with variety.

So, Swirl 360, not really my thing. Maybe yours? If you’re into simple, rocking bands, try this one, if you’re not, don’t try it! It’ll bore you and you’ll feel like you’ve wasted you’re money. 

Release date: July 18th 2005
Swirl 360 - California Blur
62/1001Details Atenzia Records
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Boek on Sunday Jul 10th, 2005

Tags: #Swirl 360
Tracklisting 1. Oblivion (4:01)
2. California Blur (4:16)
3. Chemical (my True Love) (4:05)
4. Perfect Day (5:06)
5. See You Around (3:57)
6. Blindside (4:26)
7. Runaway (3:42)
8. Nothing Left (3:19)
9. My Mistake (3:10)
10. One&Only (4:42)
11. Postcard...wish You Were Here (4:16)
12. Light Shine (3:31)
13. Okay (3:39)
Line up Denny Scott - Vocals, Guitar
Kenny Scott - Guitar, Programming, B-Vox
Chad Salls - Bass, B-Vox
Luke Adams - Drums, B-Vox