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The Duskfall - FRailty
I've been a fan of In Flames for years, and I still am. I was surprised when Killswitch Engage, Americans, came with the stuff they brought. Now it is time for The Duskfall from Sweden to do this. Any good? we'll see. The band was formed in 1999 by Mikael Sandorf (ex.Gates Of Ishtar) and Glenn Svensson. Back then it was supposed to be more of a "jam/cover" metalproject with Mikael playing drums and Glenn shredding guitar. It only took a couple of rehersals until they realized that they wanted to put together a full-time band, playing their own music. At that time Mikael had plans on doing a soloproject under the workname Duskfall. It was supposed to be his new adventure after the crash n´┐Żburn project GATES OF ISHTAR, but he changed his mind and took the written material to this new project instead. After some struggled the band was contracted in 2002 by Black Lotus, and FRailty is their debut. FRailty starts with 'The Light' , an awesome song, more than I expected. What I was expecting was some rip-off, as most bands from sweden are, there is not much left to do something original with. Well, I think we've got something here. This is more brutal than Killswitch Engage, kinda like the old In Flames, it is almost better. The riffs are way heavier, and the grunting is awesome. The song 'None' is the best song on this album, great drumming and vocals, heavy guitar and bass riffs, and the lyrics are very good. This song will knock yo udown and leave you stunned, it is almost perfect. Next to the music which is great, there's a nice booklet, design is important as well nowadays. Get hold of this CD, it will do you good. Or not. You'll probably bang your head into the wall and break your neck. What the heck! This stuff is great! And another thing, Lawrence Mackrory (DARKANE) does a background vocal appearance on the song FRailty... nice stuff. Tracklisting: 1. The Light 2. Age Of Errors 3. Agoraphobic 4. Poison The Waters 5. None 6. Farewell Song 7. Frailty 8. Tune Of Slaughtered Hearts 9. Just Follow 10 Deliverance The Duskfall is: Kai Jaakkola - Vocals Mikael Sandorf - Guitars Glenn Svensson - Guitars Kaj Molin - Bass Oskar Karlsson - Drums
The Duskfall - FRailty
91/1001Details Black Lotus
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @sic on Thursday May 20th, 2004

Tags: #The Duskfall
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