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Sinn - The 666 x Murder Project
This self crowned “best unsigned French band” described itself as a thrash hardcore band, so I felt like picking this record to review. BIG MISTAKE!!! What I got was a crappy rotten recording that skips from the beginning till the end. But there where enough parts that went smooth enough to figure something out.
And what I figured out was that if this is the best unsigned band in France, I definitely don’t want to hear what the rest has to offer. There, I said it.
The disc starts out with a short intro of a guy introducing us (with a heavy French accent) to the 666 X Murder Project. Followed by a melodic guitar part after which the metal starts, and the extreme skipping. But from what I can hear, they’re doing nothing I have never heard on any of those other metal/thrash/emo/death/bore core promo’s I unfortunately own.
But, to ease the pain a bit, they did manage to give the cd a pretty good sound, concentrating on the drums and guitars. But as some dude starts to scream his longues out like he severely needs some cough syrup the fun is quickly over. And then to think that, according to the biography, comparisons to Grip Inc. and Slayer were brought up. I ask thee, which lame ass Enter Sandman fan with a weakness for Robbie Williams dared to speak those holy names in the same sentence as… Sinn.
I wish I could be more precise with telling people that this is not what I want to hear from a thrash hardcore band but unfortunately the disc seizes to turn in my laptop as well as my cd player somewhere in the third song . Maybe it’s for the better, maybe I’m missing out on something. Doubtful.
Sinn - The 666 x Murder Project
40/1001Details Independant
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @DemonDust on Wednesday Jul 20th, 2005

Tags: #Sinn
Tracklisting 1. The 666 x Murder Project
2. Kill Your Idols
3. Past Attraction
4. Burn the Cross of Lie
5. No Heaven Beyond
6. The Project
Line up Benoit – guitar, vocals
Olivier – drums
Vinz – bass