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Casus Belli - In the Name Of The Rose
It’s summertime. While most of the people go and visit Greece because of its ancient legends, beautiful ruins or the Texas Club in Athens, we’re going to explore another part of this warm and friendly country, namely Casus Belli
With unexpected enthusiasm, the drums announce the first song, ‘I’m Your Master’. I didn’t think too much of the band at first, because the name sounded so… oh, well.
The opposite of that thought is the case. With a crashing guitar sound, these Greeks pound their way into my heart.
While ‘I’m Your Master’ made me think of Judas Priest (Painkiller), the rest of the songs carry their own taint with them, but something about the sound made the name ‘Firewind’ slither into my mind.
The rest of the songs vary a lot, to my surprise. It’s not often these days that you hear a band that can actually make their songs sound different and even make some stand out against the others.
Where the melodic ‘Vengeance Is My Law’ and the semi ballad ‘Edge Of A Knife’ are songs that tend to stick with you immediately, ‘Diamond Crown’ and ‘Isolation’ have more in common with quality speed metal.
Unfortunately, there aren’t just plusses on this record. ‘Holy Gates’, for example. This song sounded cheesy for me because of the too melodic intro / chorus. The same was for the final song, the instrumental ‘Whispering’. Both songs are okay, but don’t fit in between powerful masterpieces like 'Naked King' and ‘Vengeance Is My Law’.
Furthermore I’d like to say that I was quite impressed with the talents of every individual bandmember. Guitarist Panos Arvanitis plays fast, melodic and accurate, along with bassist Fotis Anagnostou, who is able to match him in every single attempt, the solos included. Along with the solid drumming of Frank Huber and the powerful, sometimes a bit raw voice of Panis Dedes, this quartet make a fine powermetal band. Definitely worth checking out!
Casus Belli - In the Name Of The Rose
78/1001Details Limp Music Products
Released on Monday Jun 27th, 2005
Power Metal

Writer @Bastian Blackrain on Monday Aug 1st, 2005

Tags: #Casus Belli
Tracklisting Tracklist:
1. I’m Your Master
2. Vengeance Is My Law
3. Holy Gates (in the Name of Rose)
4. Diamond Crown
5. Edge of a Knife
6. Initiation (Promised Land)
7. Isolation
8. Naked King
9. Wrongly Right
10. Eastern Dance
11. Whispering
Line up Casus Belli are:
Panos Dedes - vocals
Panos Arvanitis - guitars
Fotis Anagnostou - bass
Frank Huber – drums