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Misery Index / Commit Suicide - Split CD
So, three years after it’s original release someone at Earache Records decided to re-release this split album, which I, being a “true” Misery Index fan, already have for over a year. I don’t even know if you can still get your hands on the original Willowtip Records but if not, your prayers have just been answered.
Misery Index:
The first two songs are fast, short, heavy, aggressive and most of all, brilliant. With Kevin Talley behind the drumkit you can expect the unexpected, especially the blast beats never seize to amaze me. I didn’t even think that there would be that many, but he can play them all! On this split they’re still in the same line-up as they were on the debut album Overthrow, so the sound has pretty much stayed the same. And if you don’t know how that sounds, read a couple of lines back in this review!
The lyrics are as always very society aimed, and then especially about how fucked up things are. Written on quite a high intellectual level, Jason Netherton really knows what he’s talking about. I like the “eins zwei drei vier” counting in the second song, you don’t hear stuff like that often on an American recording.
The third song is a Disrupt cover, namely “Reality Distortion”. Considering I don’t know the original I can only say that I think that it’s executed quite well. Sounds just as good as the two songs before, only this one slows down now and then and it lasts a bit longer. Definitely a must have for Misery Index fans!
Commit Suicide:
Then it’s time to bring in some more brutality with the Commit Suicide songs. They are a lot heavier, but just as short. After twenty seconds of guitar ringing and squealing the madness starts. Grindcore in a way I can definitely appreciate it. Brutal, fast and with some interesting riffs. Lyrically they’re on the same subject as Misery Index, which I prefer better in a grindcore band, cause I’m getting quite lame of all the poo and pee porno grind.
Their third song is also a cover, and a very very good one if I say so myself. It's Death’s legendary “Open Casket”, which sounds awesome with a voice ten times heavier as Chuck Schuldinger. This is a track I really enjoy, and listen to quite often. One of the better covers I’ve heard in my life. The way this guy screams open casket has given me goose bumps more than once.
All in all if you’re into death metal or grindcore and you buy this you’ll wont feel sorry at all. Two of the better bands trying to survive in this extreme genre. Check it out!!!
Misery Index / Commit Suicide - Split CD
81/1001Details Earache records
Released on Monday Aug 1st, 2005
Death Metal

Writer @DemonDust on Tuesday Aug 2nd, 2005

Tags: #Misery Index / Commit Suicide
Tracklisting 1. My untold Apocalypse
2. Alive?
3. Reality Distortion

4. In All This Revelation
5. With Not Distaste
6. Open Casket
Line up Misery index:

Mike Harrison - Guitar&vocals
Sparky Voyles - guitar
Jason Netherton - bass&vocals
Kevin Talley - drums

Commit Suicide:

Scott - vocals
Neal - guitar
Lee - drums
Damian - guitar
Dan - bass