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Mudvayne - The End of all things to Come
The second album of the "math-metal" band Mudvayne has arrived, and it arrived very well! The title of the album is based on their first EP, called "The beginning of all things to End" and Mudvayne continues their ability to play around with musical ability with odd timings and heavy-but melodic aproach to song.

Easier put, I think if you would combine Slipknot with Tool, Mudvayne would sound like that.

The cd starts with "Silenced", the fastest song the band has done tempo wise, and its a great introduction, fast and melodic. "Trapped in the wake of a dream" is a great typical Mudvayne song. Abstract and diverse, it keeps you awake with its mudvanian song structue.

On this cd, the band tried to make the songs a bit catchier by using some more melodies, as in "World is Cold" and "Mercy Severity".

There are a few songs on the album that really stand out, like "Not Falling", which is the 1st single, and "Shadow of a Man", which has one of the better choruses on the cd.

A song like "Dig" isnt on this album, and I bet alot of people expected one, but there are still a bunch of heavy songs like that on the cd, like "Solve Et Coagula", and the title track.


Mudvayne progressed alot since their 1st album, and they might have lost their original initial impact, they have become better musicians, and thats what its about. If you loved L.D.50, you will love this as well!

Review by Carn.

Extra Information:

track title time

01. Silenced [03:02]
02. Trapped In The Wake Of A Dream [04:41]
03. Not Falling [04:05]
04. (Per)Version Of A Truth [04:40]
05. Mercy Severity [04:54]
06. World So Cold [05:36]
07. The Patient Metal [04:41]
08. Skrying [05:38]
09. Solve Et Coagula [02:50]
10. Shadow Of A Man [03:54]
11. 12-97-24-09 [00:12]
12. The End Of All Things To Come [03:01]
13. A Key To Nothing [05:07]

total time: [52:21]

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Review by Carn.
Mudvayne - The End of all things to Come
Released on Tuesday Nov 30th, -0001

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Thursday May 26th, 2005

Tags: #Mudvayne
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