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Neuraxis - Truth Beyond...
Neuraxis from Canada I know briefly, because I had one hell of an evening with the vocalist Ian Campbell and a lot of weed. I remember their show and the sound, and remembering that I start writing this review for an album that’s not really a real album. Neuraxis have put 2 discs full with all their work. The first disc is the album Truth…..Beyond Recognition, which has been released around 2 years ago. Neuraxis are profiting from the spurt bands like Despised Icon and Bodies In The Gears Of The Apparatus, because they make the same ultimate combination of hardcore with death/grind. Neuraxis sound quite similar to these bands. The double disc holds everything they released in the past. This fact made it quite hard for me to give this album a score, since I’m not hearing anything new.
The first album is the Truth……..Beyond Recognition album from 2003. They have not worked on the sound or re-recorded it, so the sound is still the same, which isn’t that bad, but it gets annoying when you listen it too long. The songs are all quite technical and the vocals performed by Ian are certainly not bad to hear. I can’t give you a clearer match than with Despised Icon and on some points even Cephalic Carnage. The vocals are screamy grunts, variegated with deep growls, however the screaming is taking the upper hand, which I find a bit irritating, as I love the deep growls and grunts. When the vocals resemble with pigs in a pigsty I love it!!

The second album is a compilation of their first EP and some demo’s from the past. When I played this disc, I heard their previous vocalist for the first time, goddamn that’s a lot more brutal and guttural, which I prefer. Ian is very good too, but I like the vocals on this piece way better. The music however is less interesting, as it is your standard and forward death metal we know too well.

For a beginning band, Neuraxis certainly have reached a nice level, signed with Relapse and it was a good idea to bring out their old shit on one easy disc. I would say that this album is a very good way for getting to know this Canadian band. I really recommend this album for every fan of Despised Icon and Cephalic Carnage and certainly would say that Relapse have done a nice one with this action! I would have bought this record if I did not have to review it, so perhaps that says quite enough.
Neuraxis - Truth Beyond...
No ScoreDetails Earache Records
Released on Tuesday Mar 2nd, 2004
Brutal Death

Writer @Mat-Core on Monday Aug 22nd, 2005

Tags: #Neuraxis
Tracklisting Disc 1: Truth Beyond…

1: …Of Divinity
2: Impulse
3: Fractionized
4: Xenobiotic
5: Reflections
6: Imagery
7: Memento
8: Structures
9: Mutiny
10: Essence
11: Neurasthenic
12: Truth Beyond Recognition…
13: Intro (Imagery record)

Disc 2: Imagery&Passage Into Forlorn

1: A Temporal Calamity
2: Oscilliated To Intelligence
3: Cyberwar
4: Inquisition On Mortality
5: Lid To Your Soul
6: Reasons Of Being
7: Atmospheric Holocaust
8: Psycho-Waves
9: A Drift…
10: Driftwood
11: The Drop
12: Unite
13: Virtuosity
14: The Art Of Sadness
15: Link
16: Blind The Vision That Shatters
17: To Pacify
18: The Drop
19: Forlorn…


20: In Silence
21: …Of Divinity (live)
Line up Vocals – Ian Campbell
Guitar – Steven Henry
Guitar – Robin Milley
Bass – Yan Thiel
Drums – Alexandre Erian