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Nuclear Assault - Third World Genocide
Nuclear Assault are one of those thrash bands that never reached the top. Their secret to their lack of mainstream success seems to be never compromising. Wether this is a good thing or not is a boring discussion I'll let y'all fight out on your msg boards, but N.A. have never failed to entertain, on stage or on record (give or take one or two weaker records). Once again John Connelly, Glenn Evans and Danny Lilker launch a full-on assault onto the listener.

In 2005, where everyone wants to sound like a hardcore version of Slayer (and does), bands like Nuclear Assault are nice and refreshing with their messy and unpolished sound. 'Third World Genocide' is just that. A representation of a band that has fun in playing their music.

That fun and excitement can be heard in fast songs like opener Third World Genocide, and the groovier Living Hell. But also in the more humorous tracks like Whine And Cheese and Long Haired Asshole that got received by the patheticly conservative metal heads all over the world like they sold their soul. Bullshit, I agree it sounds silly, but assuming that N.A. put those songs on this album with a dead-serious motivation is redicule. Oh my god, a metal band that is having fun! The shame! If you can't stand such purile fun, check out tracks like Defiled Innocence, or Eroded Liberty.

Fact of the matter is, that if N.A. released this album in 1985 it would have been received with open arms in a larger group of metalfans. These days there is more separtion between the metal scene and sich than even punkrock or metal. N.A. have released an album that sounds like a complete productional mess, but the songs are fun and raw. Choose which kind you like best, and buy the record, or don't. Or keep on whining on your msgboards, it's up to you.
Nuclear Assault - Third World Genocide
60/1001Details Steamhammer
Released on Wednesday Aug 24th, 2005
Thrash Metal

Writer @Lex on Wednesday Aug 24th, 2005

Tags: #Nuclear Assault
Tracklisting 1. Third World Genocide (3:38)
2. Price Of Freedom (4:11)
3. Human Wreckage (2:38)
4. Living Hell (5:09)
5. Whine And Cheese (2:29)
6. Defiled Innocence (4:30)
7. Exoskeletal (3:00)
8. Discharged Reason (2:15)
9. Fractured Minds (3:59)
10. The Hockey Song (0:15)
11. Eroded Liberty (2:51)
12. Long Haired Asshole (2:13)
13. Glenn\'s Song (3:22)
Line up Danny Lilker (Bass/Vocals)
Glenn Evans (Drums)
John Connelly (Guitar/Vocals)
Erik Burke (Guitar)
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