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Days In Grief - Behind The Curtain Of A Modern Tomorrow
German punk-emo-metal-rock band Days in Grief combines many styles into a good mix of melodic tunes. This is what the bio tells us. Personally I have never heard of this band before but somehow it got me curious. The previous album got released in 2004 and the band played over 150 shows in their brief history. In Germany the band has got a huge fan base and the previous album even reached various charts.
When I listened for the first time I was amazed by the punk tempo they use on the album. I just couldn’t hear any other influences. Soon this would change, the band plays energetic and refreshing punk with a lot of metal riffs and great drum patterns where they use the entire drum kit; an example of great drums can be heard in the songs Intellect is Blind or Breathe.
The vocals are a combination of hardcore and emo screams to clean melodic vocal parts. The emo vocal-type can be related to (when you are a bit open minded) Rise Against while the clean voice is often used in the so called Metalcore.
The first single of the album Breathe has just been released and I think every single alternative music lover will appreciate this song. With many influences and a lot of variations this is one of my favourites on this album.
And if I look to the entire package of the album; it is done great, lovely booklet, great design. This is something where a band can be proud of. There aren’t many bands who give their product a finishing touch like this band did. The front of the booklet is something you have to look at for ages to see everything, and when you think that is all; the rest is the same, you just see new things constantly.
To me punk,rock and metal are combined in a perfect way on this disc. And once again Roadrunner Records has found a refreshing sound in a band. After a hyped band like Caliban who actually helped starting the European metalcore scene and right now just follows the rest there is once again a refreshing band with its roots in Germany. The band will play some shows in the Netherlands in August and September and if this is your genre you just have to be there.
Days In Grief - Behind The Curtain Of A Modern Tomorrow
77/1001Details Roadrunner Records / Eat The Beat Music
Released on Thursday Aug 25th, 2005
Punk, Emo, Metal

Writer @Buzzin Hornet on Thursday Aug 25th, 2005

Tags: #Days In Grief
Tracklisting 1. When Backhanded Thoughts Carry The Weight (3:01)
2. Breathe (3:32)
3. Unite - Oppose - Create (3:46)
4. Political Correctness (4:28)
5. In Secrecy (3:58)
6. Intellect Is Blind (4:01)
7. Economic Tyranny (2:16)
8. Kill The Music (2:56)
9. Jihad (3:26)
10. In Dreams The Dead Return (3:38)
11. In The Margin (4:04)
12. The Grace Of Dying Memories (4:20)
13. The Lights Go Out The Curtain Falls (3:20)
Line up Jorg Ahrens - Vocals, Bass
Sebastian Blaschke - Guitar, Vocals
Florian Raatz - Guitar
Max Schreiber - Drums